Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking News Update: Only MOTUS Has Pictures: Maybe It’s Just a Bad Enchilada.

DNN (Martha’s Vineyard, 08-24-10) This just in:

Reports are coming in from around the globe that major internet images sources (Daylife & Picapp) have been brought to their knees for their apparent flagrant violation of the Obama “image embargo.” Reports indicate that only MOTUS (the Mirror Of The United States) has images from last night’s dinner at The Sweet Life Cafe.

Spokesmouths for the popular online sources released a brief response:

“This is a clear violation of our 1st amendment rights. Did this Administration “deem” that we have no Constitutional rights?”

Stay tuned for more.

Oy Vey! I know it’s been raining cats and dogs, butt If this is the best public face you can put on, maybe you should just order in:

galumphing out Slouching Towards Gomorrah

dinnerBig Guy seems to be channeling Harry Bellefonte, who’s about 100. Harry hates America too.

I’m concerned because my circuitry does impose limitations on my field of refractive telemetry. In other words, I can’t correctly refract both FLOTUS and POTUS simultaneously. Technically, Big Guy’s not my responsibility, but look at him: I can’t let him go out looking like that! Butt I may need to call for reinforcements. I understand I have a second cousin working somewhere in Hollywood. I’m putting an emergency request into NASA, asking them to track her down for backup in case Big Guy continues down this ghoulish road.

Honestly, I thought this weird picture from the day before we left for vacay was just a fluke – bad lighting, or maybe a bad enchilada for lunch:

bo creepy 

Now I’m afraid I just don’t know what to think. And it doesn’t get any better. While Lady M looks good, Big Guy looks like he’s doing a hostage tape:

a little better

These pictures are from after our dinner at The Sweet Life with ValJar and Eric and Cheryl Whitaker. Maybe BO had enchiladas again. If it’s just indigestion, Dr. Whitaker who, unlike Dr. Jill Biden, is a real M.D, could probably prescribe some Tums. Or OxyCoytin, if indicated. Although Dr. Eric’s not really a practicing doctor either. He’s a long time friend of the O’s from Chicago (and Harvard) and is an executive at the same hospital where Lady M used to “work.” In fact, he took over Lady M’s role in the “urban health initiative,” aka  “patient dumping.” And now Big Guy has brought the concept to the whole country! See how that old “boys” network works?

Butt, Lady M looks much better today: rested, wrapped, stuffed, buffed and shined. And the martini’s didn’t hurt any either. Hey! Maybe that’s it! Maybe Big Guy had too many martinis before dinner. Although he usually only drinks when he smokes.

Big Guy’s planning to play golf again tomorrow. It’s really the only thing he enjoys doing any more. You can tell - he looks a lot happier when he’s whacking those little balls around.


Butt it’s supposed to rain again tomorrow. Pray for us.

On a brighter note: don’t you think Lady M’s dress would look smashing with a boob belt?