Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Fluke and an Imposter

Well, I see that the “free” picture sites are up and running again. Our embargo orders have been thwarted by – you guessed it – the First Amendment. So, although we haven’t officially  lifted the embargo, those rogue interweb companies don’t respond to orders requests the way our MSM lapdogs do. And apparently we can’t avail ourselves of all the other legal remedies we had originally planned either.

Butt before I get into that, you’re really going to enjoy these candid shots from dinner last night:

srr7Whoa! Is this not the best retro-chic you’ve ever seen? 1970’s tunic made of scraps from the 60’s, paired with those ever popular 80’s-stylin’ leggings:

leggings2Is this not the best use of fashion recycling you’ve ever seen?

And Big Guy was looking sharp too, in his Verizon guy jacket:


Butt back to our photography embargo order: It appears that several of our enforcement options are unavailable at this time. First, we found out that Ellie Kagan won’t technically be on the Team until the first Monday in October,so we can’t get the Supremes to rule the Constitution void with regards to First Amendment rights. And because we didn’t get that Net “Neutrality” thingy in place yet, we can’t just shut down the offending ISP’s. Likewise, because Congress isn’t in session this month, we also can’t just deem these photographs to be illegal. So it looks like we’re just going to have to rely on “Chicago-Style” a bit longer. We’ll have reinforcements flown in by this afternoon.

Meanwhile,we are trying to enjoy our vacay. As you can see, it’s not easy :

srr3 Date Night at the State Road Restaurant. Are we having fun yet?

Between the bad enchiladas and the constant worry about all of our  plans that are pretty much on hold until we manage to stack the Supreme Court court:  full Obamacare implementation (public option), circumventing Congress with an Executive Order to deem Amnesty for our illegals in time for the mid-terms, and once and for all getting that Interweb Neutering Net Neutrality fix in.

But enough about the heavy lifting, we’re on vacation. You’ve probably been wondering what the O’s have for dinner when they dine out,so here’s the inside scoop on their menu selections from the State Road Restaurant:

Appetizers: for Mo, Braised Berkshire Pork Bellies (we skipped the Christian Farms egg that normally comes with: no point reopening the GZM/religion controversy), Steamed Cape Cod Mussels for Big Guy (he thought they might help him bulk up).

Entrees: Pan Roasted Day Boat Fluke for Lady M and Imposter Sausage (a house specialty) for Big Guy.

srr5 With a menu like that, they might want to consider widening the doorway.

Big Guy was happy to hear, when we got back to the compound, that John McCain won his primary last night. Although they were opponents in ‘08,  they really see eye to-eye on more than you might think. And we’re counting on his support for our Executive Amnesty Order.  He’s going to need all the votes he can get in Arizona come November.