Friday, August 27, 2010

Loco is Definitely Better

Well, it’s official now. We have confirmation from AP, we are better than you:

And the White House has let it be known that the meals being cooked at their rented vacation compound feature all manner of things from farms and gardens on this island off Cape Cod.

Thank goodness! Chef, who flew in from the Big White to cook for us here on the Rock, is totally committed to the locavore ethic. As are all the local restaurateurs:

MARY KENWORTHMary Kenworth, owner of SR Restaurant, displays her tomatoes 

"Our real focus and mission, what we're really committed to, is local and sustainable food," said Mary Kenworth, owner of the State Road Restaurant in West Tisbury, where the Obamas dined Tuesday night.

srr6Locavores on the prowl

Which is to say - in addition to demonstrating a “we’re better than you” attitude – that we are only going to eat things from local farms, ranches and fisheries. And there-in lies our first problem.

The local fishermen have apparently launched a protest, complaining that, thanks to Big Guy’s NOAA restrictions on fishing, their livelihood and very survival is being threatened. Now that’s ironic.

It sure won’t look good if we can’t get locally-caught lobster thermador and lobster tempura on our vacay next year. We’ll have one of our little people look into this right away. Thanks for the hat tip!

hat tip H/T Local Fishermen

Although, for future reference, if you fishermen really want to get Big Guy’s attention, you may wish to consider following JWF’s advice , and just wave a FREE GAZA banner.

fishing flotilla  Protesting: one place where global trumps local

New marketing campaign for locavore shrimp from the Gulf:fried_shrimp “They come pre-coated with oil, so you can just fry them in boiling water!”

Butt back to our “better than thou” eating sensibilities here on the Rock. I just wish to point out that the basis for our sense of moral superiority is not simply  healthy eating – although we’re all over that too – it’s much bigger:

supporting local farms, fishermen and ranches not only yields fresher foods, it indirectly helps preserve rural areas against encroaching development and minimizes environmental damage from mega-farms, slaughterhouses and long-distance trucking.

Yep, it prevents all those horrible things that require the use of carbon-based energy.Those horrifying corporate farms, packers and transportation companies that have managed to somehow produce enough food to feed the whole world, and in the process given all of our children fat behinds.

LEFT BEHIND“I’ll have a bucket of that locally made double chocolate death wish ice cream”

Pure evil. Corporate farming I mean. So that’s where we’re focusing our attention. Everything else seems to be under control.



U.S. second-quarter GDP revised to 1.6% growth from initial reading of 2.4% growth.


Well, at least our GDP is growing, just not as fast as some of our other ASSetts. We’ll have our little people get right on that too.

fist bump Nice Job!