Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seal of the Profit

I’m sure you remember when I received my new official seal from Toes and Big Guy in lieu of a raise:

MOUTS SEAL-FINAL-2-PINK-2 copy_thumb[4]

The MOTUS Seal of Profits

Well, apparently that got Big Guy thinking while he was on vacation the other day, that maybe he should have a new Presidential Seal too, marking his historic presidency.  Perhaps one modeled after the Mooselim Seal of the Prophets:

seal of prophets Seal of the Prophet Mohammad

So, in the spirit of Ramadan diversity, he had Toes contact some of our Mooselim friends in Dearborn Michigan, which is known for both their Mooselims and their diversity to design our new seal.

We had to reject all the ones that included stars and crescents – public opinion running a bit hot on those symbols right now – but they finally came up with something that we think has all the right optics for a truly historic president. Additionally, it reflects Mooselim’s most recent “extraordinary contribution(s) to our country,”  Miss USA .(I guess that must have been what Big Guy was talking about.)

miss usa presidential seal costumeMiss USA, Rima Fakih, (from Dearborn!) models the new Presidential Seal of the Profits.

The original prototype designed for Big Guy was modeled by a handsome young Mooselim boy (in deference to more traditional Mooselim female modesty and because they thought it might be more up Big Guy’s alley).

muslim miss usa-2 copy

They were surprised that it was rejected by both Toes and Axe-man.  Apparently our Mooselim diversity-week concerns only go so far.

Meanwhile, we are very busy packin’ for the Vineyards. This frock is still an “undecided” take-along. What do you all think?



Summery, feminine, colorful and fun. Fun? Well, maybe not fun.  We don’t do “fun.” Maybe Lady M could use a new “seal” too.










H/T Mrs.P, Patum Peperium