Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miniature Golf for a Miniature Va-cay

For those of you grousing about this being just another expensive weekend photo-op for Big Guy and Lady M, let me ask you this: if this were just a photo-op, would Big Guy have taken TOTUS with him? In order to make executive sounding statements like this: 

“So I want to be clear about this: any delays — by BP or by those managing the new fund — are unacceptable, and I will keep pushing to get these claims expedited,” 

totus and totus2 “I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I am President of the United States”

And check this out: 3 anchors to hold TOTUS down! Seriously, not good optics, do you think? A little too derivative of a bondage and slavery motif I think.

So let’s review our va-cay so far:

not about the photo ops

 Putt-putt golf: no photo-op here (and no oil)

(alligator point

Obligatory father-daughter dip in the crystal clear waters of the gulf. Paparazzi still upset that they couldn’t get any bare, waxed chest shots to put on the cover of Newsweek – are they still around? Butt Big Guy was under direct orders from Lady M: no bare-chested photos. It’s hard enough to keep the boyz away.

Lady M passed on this photo-op. What a relief. I can see the Fox troll headline now: “Pork Brining in the Public Trough.”

(PS. No oil)

 caption contest

Here’s Big Guy’s salute to any Christians who might have been offended by the Ramadan iftar dinner endorsement of the Ground Zero Mosque (GZM).

I really don't want to comment...

I don’t know what’s going on here, and I don’t think you want to. I’m just impressed that BO can still manage to get his arms around MO. Sort of.

hole in one, really

A hole in one! I report. You decide.

 happy sasha 2

And look here! Wee Won 2 seems really happy for a change! Either she was instructed to smile every time she heard a shutter click, or we’ve gotten to the bottom of her unhappiness: sibling rivalry. And by the way, isn’t that dress pretty as a princess? Sasha’s, not MO’s. Where the heck was this pretty, little girl-like frock when we had lunch with the King?

happy sashaTake that, Malia!



I can’t explain this: possibly a containment system failure of some kind. The investigation is ongoing.

round table

This one was billed as a “round table” discussion with local officials. Heh. Looks more like round pegs, square hole to me.

Well I better run, we have a bit more marination to do before we can get out of here.