Saturday, October 12, 2019

Fo Mo Years!

According to my calendar today is Weiner Dog Day: The day your favorite Doxie emerges from your lap to check his shadow and predict the outcome of the next presidential election. The Shadow knows…

Ignore all the Never-Trumpers recently reemerging from under their rocks to once again proclaim the end of (their) civilization as a direct result of the Trump Presidency. At this point they are simply another chapter of the useful idiot arm of the Democrat party. In the unlikely event that any of them are actual conservatives and therefore salvageable I present this (adapted) list of positions that President Trump has held and advanced in his two and a half years as Commander-In-Chief; they are surprisingly more conservative than the last 2 “conservative” Republicans we elected to the office.

  • Most pro-life president we’ve elected 
  • Most pro-Israel and pro-Jewish-American president we’ve ever had
  • Promotes the importance of securing our borders to maintain America as a sovereign country
  • Appointed outstandingly conservative, constitution-respecting judges
  • Cut taxes and smashed regulations to unleash the U.S. economy to improve all Americans’ lives
  • Exposed the liberal media machine, greatly increasing Americans’ understanding of media bias
  • Turned CNN into a punchline
  • Punctured the inevitability and power of political correctness
  • Refused despite tremendous pressure, to gut our Second Amendment rights
  • Improved the lives of minorities while pointing out how the hypocrisy of Democrats destroys them
  • Taken on China, our biggest foreign national security threat, and is restoring the global balance
  • Consistently respected the Constitution
  • Not a socialist

Maybe he’s not everything you’d like in a candidate but tell me, who is?

So I’m with the Doxie: Trump’s muh mane man! Fo Mo years!