Saturday, October 26, 2013

Math is Hard: Remind Me Again, How Many Zeroes in a Trillion?

Big Guy visited Brooklyn yesterday and told kids at Pathways In Technology Early College High School that (the Republicans) in Congress need to take a remedial math class;

obama scratching head12 + 7, uh…okay, no, no - don’t tell me! I’ve got that one here, somewhere.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now, some of these ideas I’ve laid out before. Some of them I’m just going ahead and doing on my own. Some of them do require Congress to do something. And one way we can start is by Congress passing a budget that reflects our need to invest in our young people. I know the budgets aren’t the most interesting topic for a Friday afternoon, even in a school where young people like math. And, by the way, I just sat in on a lesson called Real World Math, which got me thinking whether it’s too late to send Congress here, for a remedial course.

Although he is always the smartest man in the room,

Screenshot Studio capture #1423The competition isn’t what it used to be

even Bo will admit that math is not his strong suit. Butt he’s so smart, he doesn’t even need math to noodle through problems.


Just yesterday he told the kids that, while he liked math, he found it “frustrating:”

bo math is hard tweet


090821_obama_scratch_ap_297It is frustrating when you never come up with the number you want.

Interestingly, he told Jay Leno the same thing last year:

October 25, 2012:

JAY LENO: When you help your daughters with their homework, is there a subject you struggle with?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, the math stuff I was fine with up until 7th grade. But Malia is now a freshman in High School and I'm pretty lost. It's tough.

Well, seriously, who can’t identify with that? Math does get progressively harder, and by the time you hit 7th grade practically everyone has trouble with math, even future Ivy League graduates.  Right, Barbie?


Unlike Barry though, Barbie is no longer free to express her true sentiments on that subject. “Teen Talk Barbie” was silenced after the American Association of University Women banned the doll from uttering the phrase “math class is tough” after they declared it part of the Republicans’ War on Women.

I don’t know what’s worse - a girly doll that declares “math is tough”

barbie web designer Know what else is tough? Web designing. That’s right; I said it.

Or a girly President who was “fine” with math stuff “up until about 7th grade”  who’s racked up a 17 trillion dollar debt while running the world’s largest economy – without benefit of a budget or a net. And who doesn’t think that raising the debt ceiling will raise the debt, butt can’t explain why, then, we need to raise it in order to avoid defaulting on our existing debt.

46bb7c57-fad8-4686-b9b2-867d9723499f-620OK, I get it: raising our debt is irresponsible and unpatriotic; raising the debt ceiling isn’t.

Yep, math is hard. Maybe Big Guy should attend that remedial math class along with Congress.

math dummies

Or maybe we should just hire a new math consultant:

calvin big brain billions

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