Thursday, November 17, 2011

There’s No Fuzzy Math in NASCAR

A good week for Big Guy to pop-up  down under.

US President Barack Obama waves to photographers as he arrives at Bali air force base in Denpasar on November 17, 2011, ahead of the East Asia Summit. Obama arrived November 17 on the Indonesian resort island of Bali for the East Asia Summit, which is expected to be dominated by a maritime dispute with China.

Everyone in town is focused on bad news and growing gloomier by the moment.

This week’s bad news began with the announcement of the huge Christmas bonuses to be paid to Fannie and Freddie execs for their show-stopping performance in the mortgage business.  Big Guy called the bonuses “shameful” and “the height of irresponsibility”  - no, wait: that was what he said awhile back about the Wall Street bankers. I’m sure he feels the same about these guys and these bonuses. He just hasn’t had a chance to say so yet because he’s out of town on bidness.

Moving on, we’ll have today’s Congressional review of the Big White’s last best hope for a green Christmas. Dr. Steven “paint it white” Chu will attempt to explain to Congress the math behind the decision to loan a dead cow more money for the future delivery of milk.

imageDr. Chu, with Lady M, explaining how fuzzy math works; 2 plus 2 equals green.

Butt  this week’s topper (so far) comes from Congressman Alan West, who thinks Big Guy should make Ricky resign!?

“I ask the president of the United States of America to recommend to Eric Holder that he resign from his position,” West said. “If the president does not agree with that stance, then perhaps the president of the United States of America is also complicit in this horrible, tragic event.”

Boy, that seems harsh. After all Ricky didn’t know anything much about the guns walkin’ until June March and even then. he thought they were just toy decoys. And he did call for new laws to better track and control gun purchases in his most recent appearance in front of Congress. What more do you want from this man, blood?

And of course there’s the ever unfolding Auto Bailout details where, without bad news there’d be no news at all: from GM’s falling market valuation, to the re-estimated government loss on the GM bailout.

The original loss to the American taxpayer for the GM bail was estimated at $14 billion, now it’s up to $23 billion –  a 64% increase! It turns out that’s about standard for government work.

But wait, didn’t Big Guy brag about how GM had paid back their bailout loan ahead of schedule? Well yes, and I guess they did - technically. Except for the money they aren’t going to pay back with our own money. It’s complicated, and don’t worry if you can’t follow. It’s government math and even Big Guy with his great big brain doesn’t really understand how it works.

 imageIt’s called fuzzy math, and it really, really works. And that’s all you really, really need to know.

Anyway, we’re probably going to have to adopt the fuzzy math for our WTF run for reelection because it’s starting to look like we may be dealing with that same reasonable margin of error on the cost of Obamacare.

As an offset to all this presumably bad press, Lady M is busy polishing her chassis for her inaugural debut as NASCAR queen on Sunday. Yesterday we tried on a few of our older ensembles that she thought might work:

              DVF-Mateo-Zebra-Balloon-top_thumb_th[1]michelleobamashortscropwash natltableclothheist

                     steppin outdougie daze

                      off to camp dMICHELLE-OBAMAdancin'WTFjpg

Butt the bottom line, nothing seemed right so we’re going shopping this afternoon for something a little more “boogity-boogity-boogity” for the occasion. After all, being Grand Marshall at a venue that she and Big Guy have determined to be a vital demographic for our reelection is a huge challenge. Here are a few of the logos currently under consideration for our jumpsuit:




I’ll keep you advised as to who is in the lead. I’m betting on Cheetos. Is that insider trading?

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