Sunday, February 24, 2013

Organizing For Amerika, One Moron At a Time.

Big Guy’s former political reelection arm, Organizing For America, has morphed into  “Organizing for Action.” It’s still “OFA” so they can keep the cool logo!

Now, you might think that this “executive arm of the invisible government,” (h/t Cajun) sounds like a partisan liberal Democratic propaganda organization, butt I assure you it’s not. If it were, it would not be eligible for tax exempt status as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(4) of the IRS code.  As such, they are not allowed to promote any political party, platform or candidate in the pursuit of manipulating public opinion.

With that in mind, OFA recently launched a new solicitation page to gather your stories about Gun Violence. 


I understand next week they’re adding a page to solicit stories from average Americans about how they are personally going to suffer when the sequestration cuts the services of first responders like policemen, fireman, EMS and IRS agents.

In order to allow you to become part of the manipulation of public opinion, they’ve provided this helpful propaganda graphic for you to pass on to everybody you know via your social networks: “Share this graphic so your friends know what's at stake.”



So hands down, OFA would easily win the “Top Moron of the Week” award if they were eligible. 

OrganizingOrganizing for the artful manipulation of LoFo voters.

Butt since we follow the rules around here, and only actual people are eligible for this award,  let’s get right to this week’s real nominees:

"I said, 'Jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,'"

Not because it’s illegal, butt because after firing “two blasts” into the air from her double barrel shotgun, Dr. Jill will now be defenseless against her intruder. This seems odd advice from a man whose “IQ is higher than yours,” butt not inconsistent with a guy who struggled to hold a 1.98 GPA.


  • White House pastry chef, Bill Yosses, for explaining why our founding fathers would support Lady M’s No Child’s Fat Behind program:

Mrs. Obama's campaign for healthy eating is "not something new, it's something we lost--it's very much part of the history of our country, something we lost in the interest of efficiency," he argued.

"All of our founding fathers were very interested in farming, very interested in food...John Adams had a small garden in Massachusetts, and Thomas Jefferson spent the rest of his life gardening." -- Bill Yosses, White House pastry chef


Bill_YossesMoron, “Let them eat cake” category

  • Jean Carré, for explaining why the new Secretary of State’s most pressing assignment is tilting at windmills:

"We as a nation must have the foresight and courage to make the investments necessary to safeguard the most sacred trust we keep for our children and grandchildren: an environment not ravaged by rising seas, deadly superstorms, devastating droughts, and the other hallmarks of a dramatically changing climate," -- Jean Carré, Secretary of State


No mention of the Islamic threat to convert the world to sharia, or nuclear arms in the hands of rogue governments throughout the world. That must be somebody else’s department.

OBAMA BRUINSMoron. He gives morons a black eye.

  • Sandra Fluke, for her plea in support of Planned Parenthood:

One year ago, I prepared to testify before Congress about the critical role affordable birth control plays as part of essential health care for millions of women.

Instead, I was shut out by legislators who had no interest in hearing about how birth control matters to women who suffer from ovarian cysts, women who survive sexual assault, women who want to plan their families and their futures.

Who spoke in my place? A Catholic bishop and the president of East Texas Baptist University — along with eight other witnesses who all refused to acknowledge the reality that for millions of women, birth control is basic health care. And I was smeared by pundits, shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh, and shameless political operatives who wanted me and the millions of women speaking out to just go away. -- Sandra Fluke, rhymes with “slut,” law student and “reproductive rights activist” – aka, community agitator.

I would never make the mistake of allowing a Catholic bishop to speak in Ms. Fluke’s place.

contraception-fluke-1Moron. How does a woman stupid enough to spend $3000 for $300 worth of birth control pills even get into Georgetown?

I could go on, of course, butt since there’s a new winner every week, what’s the point? Cast your vote; as always, Chicago rules apply. I predict a tie.

The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest. Edward Bernays

PS: Now that I’m in the mood for picking winners, I would like to make a prediction about tonight’s Oscars. I predict that Zero Dark Thirty, nominated for 5 Academy Awards, will win, well “zero.”

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