Saturday, August 22, 2015

Islamic Jihadi opens fire with AK-47. Terrorism not ruled out.

sang froid

It happened again: on a train filled with cheese eating surrender monkeys hurtling through the Belgian countryside towards Paris, the Americans came to the rescue:

Crew on Paris-bound train barricaded themselves in their staffroom and locked the door as Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist went on the rampage – leaving PASSENGERS to take him down.

And, as usual, the passengers were 3 Americans and a Brit. When an Islamic terrorist (Can I say that? The French called for caution before jumping to conclusions.) opened fire with an AK-47 (wait, you’re not allowed to have an assault rifle in France!) he was rushed and taken down by Americans Spencer Stone (U.S. Air Force) and Alek Skarlatos (Oregon National Guard) and subdued with the help of California student Anthony Sadler, and British national Chris Norman.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve commended the Americans who “neutralize(d) this extremely violent passenger,” praising them for their “great bravery” and saying that “without their sang-froid we could have been confronted with a terrible tragedy.”

Not exactly like it was the first time though, eh boys?

graves_at_normandy-PThe Normandy American Cemetery, overlooking Omaha Beach and the English Channel. It holds the graves of more than 9,300 U.S. servicemen who died in the D-Day invasion.

Like it or not world, you still need us.


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