Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our Next First Lady or Laddy: Choose Wisely Weedhopper

In her recent column S.E. Cupp asks Who Are Trump’s Supporters? She seems to think that the conservative base is “too principled” – and she means that in a pejorative way – to chose the chameleon Trump:

The idea that in 2016 these voters would simply turn off their hardwired orthodoxy and support a guy who has voted for Democrats, said "the economy does better under the Democrats," refused to pledge to support the Republican nominee if it's not him, openly defended Planned Parenthood, approved of exceptions to abortion bans, supported a single-payer healthcare system, backed an assault weapons ban and advocated a one-time 14.25 percent mega-tax on the wealthy to erase the national debt is, to put it in Trumpian language, really, really stupid.

Instead, she thinks his supporters are the disaffected moderates:

So who is the Trump supporter, if not the conservative base? I'd argue it's mostly disaffected moderates who no longer strictly identify with either party. They think the political system is rigged. They think politicians are corrupt. They want a total collapse of the ruling political class.

This of course is true as far as it goes, butt ignores the fact that many in the “principled base” have grown equally disaffected and no longer identify with their party either. So this election may not be politics as usual.

So let’s imagine it comes down to this: Hilz and the Trumpster. Now who do you pick? May I suggest you choose whoever would bring the best First Lady or Laddy to the table? And be certain to keep our current standard bearer in mind as you make your selection - the ever fashion forward Lady M:


So here are your most likely final options;

  • If Hilz wins the Dem primary, you get the selfie-taking, man-spreading,  emaciated old horndog:

         russ-smith-chane-behanan-bill-clinton-louisville-3-570x571bill-clinton-in-esquirebubba bill clinton

  • And if The Donald takes it, you get the lovely Melania Trump.

image001h/t Blonde Gator

So choose wisely, weedhopper. I know who gets my vote. Although, frankly, they’re both gold diggers so as they say “what difference at this point does it make?”

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