Monday, January 18, 2016

#We Can’t Wait!

There was another Democratic debate last night? Why was I not advised? Not that I would have watched it anyway as it was Lady M’s birthday (52!) which takes precedence over everything. I’d do a highlight reel of last year’s fashion high points butt NBC Washington has already done that. It’s almost identical to the fawning review MO got after her first year “in office”  from the LA Times.

Here are a few of the points made in this year’s version, which I’ve taken the liberty of illustrating for them:

“Since arriving at the White House in 2009, FLOTUS became known for her keen sense of style, with many comparing her to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the glamorous wife of former President John F. Kennedy.

mo and jackie

jackie O

Nailed it!

From her down-to-earth J. Crew garb

jcrewWho practically invented the mini-me sweater with boob belt look

to more high-end labels like Oscar de la Renta Obama Kennedy Center Honors

and Vera Wang,

vera wang Stick with Oscar unless you want to look “hot to trot”

Mrs. Obama never disapoints her fashionista fans. And whether she's mixing prints,

mixed print mo

showing off her enviable arms (trigger warning!)

Screen Capture #079

or brightening up an entire State of the Union address in a marigold sheath,

michelle_obama_fashion_nina_ricci_cardigan_city_hall_oslo_norway_december_2009With or without the matching foil coat and non-matchy cardigan sweater

we're going to miss the anticipation that comes with waiting to see what Michelle Obama is going to wear at any given event come 2016.”

That’s an error, I think they actually meant 2017, as we have another 12 months to “anticipate” what Lady M will be sporting. Butt what can you expect, it’s just NBC-Washington; it’s not like they’re an arm of some big media conglomerate or anything.

Butt since we’ve still got nearly 12 full months of anticipation, what do you think we have to look forward to?

More leaning backwards?


Bling-wear?these legs don't match mo

Artful accesories?mo big bo[8]

Or perhaps Death to America?

mo flag dress photoshopTrigger warning! Photoshop

Butt yeah, 2017 is going to be rough, what with both BO and MO withdrawal. How will we manage?

trumps cruz

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