Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Refusniks and Bad Pennies

It appears that the freed Iranians in our latest felons for hostages swap are refusniks: they refused to go home to their beloved Iran. That’s right, they decided to stay right here in the good old US of A enjoying the freedoms guaranteed by our constitition. Because America needs a few more illegal alien felons roaming about.

The good news: at least none of them are known terrorists. Still, they are free to roam about the country continuing their lucrative careers by jeopardizing national security, violating (newly imposed) trade sanctions and hacking into unsecured servers in the former Secretary of State’s bathroom. Well at least we might finally find out what was actually in Hillary’s email.

So, as I said the other day (trigger warning) “Heck of a job Brownie!”

iranian deal

I think this is the kind of deal that The Donald speaks of when he criticizes Barry and his merry band of boys and girls at the negotiation table. So while my favorite analogy - “How about I trade you my new Mercedes for one of your old shoes.” – still applies,  I think it may be appropriate to coin a new one: “How about I trade you $160 billion for 7 bad pennies.”


In other Justice Department news;  following the “snubbing” of black actors and directors in this year’s Oscars nominations it is apparent that simply being an Equal Opportunity Employer is not adequate for Hollywood. Therefore Barry will be issuing an exectutive order instructing the Civil Rights Division and the Department of Labor to enact and enforce new Affirmative Action standards for all Hollywood studios and the Academy.

The new order will not impose quotas (which are illegal) butt will require that future Oscar nominees and winners – still selected on “merit” - include peoples of color proportionate to their representation in the industry. Currently that would be around 50% if you count the white people pretending to be black.

black actors

And while they’re at it, the new rules for Hollywood will require the studios to eliminate the use of the terms “Best Boy” and “Dolly Grip” due to their obviously sexist roots.

Anyway, next time we want to make a swap with the enemy, I suggest we give them seven of our bad Penn-ies.

sean penn pawn useful idiotLooks like a good hostage to me.

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