Thursday, January 21, 2016

In His Final Year, Obama Proves He Knows Sh** From Shinola

Big Guy visited Detroit yesterday to take another victory lap for having saved GM (and whacking bin Laden).

obama shinolaBO visits a Detroit-based Shinola store proving he knows…well, you know.

While he was in Motown BHO addressed the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan which is 70 miles northwest of Detroit (not that it matters butt Flint is ranked the 10th most liberal city in America, just behind San Francisco).

President Barack Obama, in Detroit on Wednesday for his first visit to the North American International Auto Show, weighed in on the Flint water crisis at the top of his speech to autoworkers and their families at a UAW education and training center, saying of Mayor Karen Weaver and the residents of Flint, "we're going to have her back and all the people of Flint's back."

david-petraeus-061510jpg-3c8c6124c9be762f_largeA word of advice Mayor Weaver, when Barry has your back make sure you line up good counsel

Both Detroit and Flint are “chocolate” cities (h/t  Ray Nagin, ex-mayor of New Orleans and convicted felon) who haven’t embraced a Republican in any capacity including dog catcher since sometime in the 60’s. I bring this up only because some people believe this is just another racist plot. Like Detroit, Flint has been mishandling its finances and operating in deficit spending for decades. It caught up to them in 2002 when the State was required to appoint an emergency manager to straighten out the mess, which worked until 2011 when the city again fell into serious financial distress requiring the appointment of a second emergency financial manager. Detroit also had an emergency financial manager appointed in 2013, butt they just went full-bore and filed Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

During its second financial emergency Flint decided to save money by switching it’s water source from the Detroit system - which delivers Lake Huron water to Detroit and most of southeast Michigan - to its own system getting water from the Flint River. You may recall that most people in Detroit think that water is a human right and as such don’t pay their water bills. Since somebody has to pay for all the water plant facilities and pipelines this caused the Detroit system to raise rates for suburban and exurban users who now pay some of the highest water rates in the country despite being surrounded by an embarrassment of clean, fresh water supply.


Butt back to Flint’s water disaster: switching from the Detroit water system to the Flint river supply turned out to be a bad call in that a) the river water is polluted and corrosive,

Although the state assisted Flint in switching its drinking water supply back to Lake Huron water from Flint River water in October, there are concerns that lead problems persist due to damage the corrosive river water caused to the water distribution system.

and b) apparently nobody in charge knew what they were doing, from the processing plant operators to the EPA.

flint-water-top-compressedIf they did, could you get this kind of water out of the taps?

So while BHO declared the water situation a Federal Emergency, freeing up $5 million in federal aid to immediately assist with the public health crisis, he denied Gov. Rick Snyder's request for a disaster declaration as the lead contamination of Flint's drinking water is a man-caused disaster. Try using that excuse in New York after Iran lobs one of their nukes into the middle of Manhattan.


Meanwhile I understand that none other than Lady M herself will be making water deliverys to Flint to alleviate the racist genocide that’s occurring there.

mo water jugs[3]

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