Sunday, October 24, 2021

Guaranteed House Fire

Although Halloween isn’t until next Sunday I declare today the start of Halloween week as the local Authorities have relegated Saturday, October 30th as Trick-or-Treat day.

So time to turn your thoughts to the holiday that officially launches the Christmas season.

You might want to consider what sort of treats you intend to hand out as trick-or-treaters have grown much pickier and judgmental over the years.

halloween candy

Also note that while in days of yore disgruntled looters would be satisfied simply egging old Crabby Appleton’s house, the hijinks of the disaffected and disappointed have escalated in recent years.

APP-Portland-Rioter-Running. with umbrella

Disgruntled Portlandians express their displeasure last Halloween


So think about that bag of candy before tossing it in the cart: just like in real life not all treats are equal.

candy corn

And do not even THINK about the old banana/candy corn trick: so NOT funny.

candy corn on cob bananaGuaranteed house fire