Friday, October 29, 2021

Selections Have Consequences

Look, I know Halloween isn’t until Sunday. But let’s face it, tomorrow night is going to be official Trick or Treat night most everywhere so you have to start preparing today. Here are a few tips to ensure your Halloween revelry will go as smooth as possible.

First: While not mandatory, home decoration has grown increasingly important over the past 2 decades. This year will be much more challenging due to all those pesky supply chain problems crimping our ability to buy more crap from China. Creativity may be required.

 well played big orange house on the cornerWell played big orange house at the end of the block, well played!

Costumes, which have become de rigueur for the ‘treaters’ as well as the tricksters, may be in short supply as they also come mostly from China. Again, you may have to resort to some creative DIY tactics to set yourself apart from the run of the mill witch and goblin crowd.

cat meme costume“Oh yeah? Stop Meme.”

Finally – and we’ve discussed this before – you will want to ensure that you have an adequate supply of proper  treats, and that generally involves chocolate. Don’t think you can get away with handing out any old thing.

halloween apple

Remember: selections have consequences.


I only mention this as the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion Keynesian spending plan promises everyone full-sized Snickers bars but will end up handing out only hated (and racist) black licorice. That will not sit well, especially with the peeps who’ve grown accustomed to torching stuff when they don’t get what they want. It’s the Keynesian way.

Note: After wrangling with the Zazzle people, Raj informs me that the “Let’s Go Brandon. MAGA” stickers are now available once again at the MOTUS Store. The Wuhan Cootie Collection however remains on lock-down.