Wednesday, October 27, 2021

A Little Halloween Love Bird…

We’re headed off to Ann Arbor at 0700 as Raj has an early hour EMG. If you don’t know what an EMG is consider yourself lucky because as a rule it means you have nerve damage, plus it’s, um, kind of painful. Yuk.

So here’s all I’ve got today: a very cute but holiday, and gender, confused peach faced love bird.

halloween bird with candy corn eggs

First of all, it’s Halloween, bird brain, not Easter; no eggs involved. Secondly, this is Herbert, the peach faced love bird. He’s a boy. For goodness sake, males do not lay eggs. Nor do they have babies. How difficult is this? It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you put on, if you were born a Herbert YOU. CANNOT. HAVE. BABIES.  Halloween is scary enough, we don’t need to make it any creepier.


So, Herbert, allow me to extend a bit of practical advice: since you appear to be approaching peak ripeness,

love bird ripeness

might I suggest you fly off and hide somewhere until you hit the mushy stage? I’ve been “mushy” for awhile now and can attest to the fact that when you get there, nobody bothers you much anymore. In fact you become almost invisible which leaves you free to conduct stealth missions.

baby candy corn costume

Just don’t get carried away with the knitting needles and nobody will get hurt.