Saturday, April 24, 2010

2010: A Space Odyssey

Well for 20 years now, my brother Hub (Hubble to you cave dwellers) has been floating in his tin can, far above the world.

Happy 20th Hub!!!

I sure miss him, but we are in cyber-contact 24/7. Still, it would be nice to give him his big 20th Anniversary Hug & Smooch in the real world.

He sent me a bunch of soooo cool pictures from outer space. You can see all of them at Hub’s official website. There’s goodles of unbelievable snaps there.

So, anyway, I put this little video together on my hard drive to celebrate the big event. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would. I just kept looking at those pictures trying to decide which ones to leave out. That, plus, I’m not as good at videos as my bud Dewey over at flatsimile studios in Motown. But I think you’ll like it. It’s full of cool snaps and Hub’s theme song. Everybody’s got a theme song, right? You do, don’t you?

Hub still hasn’t filled me in on how that “make your dreams come true” thing works like he promised. He said he will soon and that it has something to do with that field assignment we were both on in Area 51 way back when. He did say that from where he sits, the future looks pretty good though, especially after November.

He’s my brother and all, but sometimes he creeps me out. Like he can see into the future . . . or, maybe he’s already in the future . . .

First thing Monday, I’m going to requisition a set of “X Files” DVDs. I think there are a couple of sets in the visitor’s “lootie bag” left over from the Queen’s visit last year. No, not that one, the Queen. Of England.