Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barry and the Jets

It’s always something with the right wing haters isn’t it? Now I see Jack Cashill is creating more trouble over at American Thinker, asking silly questions about “why don’t we ever hear from Big Guy’s old (pre-Lady M) girlfriends?” Just exactly what is he implying, anyway? That Big Guy’s gay? ha, ha, ha… oh. Really?  Well I don’t think so. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But really, I don’t think so. Toes, Gibbsy, Axe-man – I could see it,


 giddy-up, cowboy 


first pitch nationalsBut Big Guy? Come on!

 Obama%20on%20the%20mound-thumb-300x452President Barack Obama Throws Out First Pitch Tu8SIxNQCQDl  

Although he does spend more time gazing into my refracted reflective surface while applying mascara than any other POTUS ever did. Even Bill.

Meanwhile, in other Big White news: Lady M’s racking up both carbon and diversity credits for her choice in jewelry.


These lovely bracelets that she wore in Mexico by Monique Péan are considered "wearable art." They’re created from 100% recycled gold “supporting (Péan’s) belief that jewelry producers should reduce the demand for ‘dirty mining’ of precious metals. Additionally each gem stone used in her creations was obtained through free-trade and are devastation and conflict free.” Wow! Both sustainable and indigenous! Only Lady M could find such politically correct baubles. And so fashionable too. (And if you haven’t already read it, Dewey’s Armegeddon: Global Densification explains why “dirty mining” is destroying our planet.)

And lastly, don’t forget! Big Guy and Lady M will appear on American Idol tonight! “Idol Gives Back” is a two hour charitable event that has already raised more than $140 million for charities.

American IdolsBig Guy and Lady M taping their segment for “Idol Gives Back”

This year, money is being raised for the Children's Health Fund, Feeding America,  (Is it just me, or do these two charities seem counter productive?) and Malaria No More, which is designed to send mosquito nets to Africa. (hey, I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we just send them a few tons of DDT? I hear it kills those little sucker’s larvae instantly. And it’s really, really cheap. And no, it turns our it doesn’t really cause birds shells to thin after all. Who started that rumor?)

And guess who else is going to be on the show – the big get this year - Elton John! Oh dear, that’s not going to to do much to squelch those silly rumors.


Beyond that, there’s not much going on with Lady M this week. I think she’s detoxing. Either that, or it’s something she picked up in Mexico.