Saturday, April 24, 2010

C.S.I. Asheville

I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses, but anything that comes across the wire regarding Lady M’s wardrobe or imaging this weekend isn’t my fault. I’m back here at the Big White preparing for brother Hub’s big 20th anniversary orbit of the universe, snapping spectacular galaxies.

And I’ve read all your MOL comments on Lady M’s departure outfit yesterday. But for heaven’s sake, she was dressed for a hike through the woods! What do you expect Jason Wu?fbi hunt patterson_bigfootjump

And yes, I’m aware that the boyz over at the Buzz implied an unfortunate comparison that, shall we say, is not exactly flattering. But I’m warning them, If they keep playing by Chicago rules, they are going to become more familiar with those rules than they want. I’m just passing this on for their own good. I hear rumblings from Toes’ bunker.

Anyway, I know that the “hike” looked more like an FBI crime scene,looks like an amber alert looks like a scene from a B movie

but I assure you it was just part of Lady M’s Let’s Move Our Fat Behinds! campaign. No, silly. Not hers. The cops and press ‘corpse.’ So of course she and Big Guy participated. Enough of that chatter about her not practicing what she preaches. What? Oh, the ribs and cornbread. Well, she and Big Guy came to N.C. to pretend they were taking a “middle class” vacation, so what do you expect them to eat, haute cuisine? That’s later, back at the  “middle class” resort.

Boy, what exactly is there not to like about the middle class?


I said are we having fun yet 

Are we having fun yet?  






And in other news: as you can see, the polls have closed and big, big, congratulations to Funky Town! Official congratulations and the coveted Golden Flotus will be awarded later today.

Also later, I’ll be posting my special tribute to brother Hub. It’s  a beauty! You’ll want to come back to watch.