Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Return of the Malaise

Well, don’t say I didn’t tell you so. The new stylist is already history, and we’re back to our teeny tops and floral appliqués.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

2010-03-16-MICHELLEOBAMA23 Wide-legged, high waisted trousers: We really are back to the Carter years!

So you’re probably wondering where all the adorable children came from. It’s national take your kid to work day, and Big White staffers all pitched in to make it a huge success. TYKTW Day is a venerable American holiday that began in the 90’s as “take your daughter to work day”  because, I guess, girls didn’t have enough role models of working mothers. Even though all the girls who got to go to work with their Moms had a working mother. But TYDTW day only lasted a few years, and then the boys started whining about having to go to school while their sisters got to go to work with Mom, and all the HR Departments said TYDTW was discriminatory… well I think you get the picture. Hoisted by their own petards.


Lady M, as you see, used the occasion to get all the little children to participate in her “Let’s Move your Fat Behind.” Everyone did fine with the exception of Bo, who got a time out. I think maybe it would have been a better idea if Lady M had just brought Sasha and Malia.

bo's time outBo’s time out. Right next to Lady M’s throne. 

We are sticking with the slack concept for awhile, to see how it works out. It certainly makes getting caught on camera in one of our awkward basketball bench poses a lot less viral.

basketball pose

Big Guy had a great day too, but I’ll have to cover that under a separate post – as well as the swell 40th annual Earth Day celebration at the Big White. I thought maybe former Vice President and fellow Nobel Laureate Al Gore would drop by, but so far he’s a no show. He’s probably working on his Global Densification movie.