Friday, April 23, 2010

Changing the Light Bulbs on Wall Street

So there are multiple theories about why Big Guy went to yell at Wall Street yesterday at Coopers Union.

coopers union Big Guy enshrined at Coopers Union

1. He needs to demonize Wall Street in order to get everyone’s ire up so they will support Big Guy’s financial reform bill. 2. He’s outraged by the investment banks irresponsible sales of derivatives (clue on this one: although Toxic Timmy has tried over and over, Big Guy doesn’t understand derivatives well enough to be outraged) 3. So he can check it off his to do list. 4. He hates capitalism/business. (That one’s just crazy. Did you see how many kroner's he made last year, selling his book in the free market?)

I’ll tell you a secret. It was none of the above. If he was really mad, he would have worn his purple tie. His purple tie means “you will do as I (or my puppet master) say, or else”obama2020-purple-tie-med-slightly-wide  But he wore his blue tie.

clean it up

That one always means “I’m going to yell at you, but don’t worry, we’ll work this out so it’s a win-win.”  It was really a twofer for Big Guy: he looked like he was whacking Goldman AND it completely diverted the  MSM’s attention away from the report coming out of The Office of the Actuary of Medicare  which finds that Obamacare will increase, not decrease, health care costs! Boy, who could have seen that one coming?

Anyway, it’s working out pretty well, because today everyone’s talking about how Big Guy’s going to clean up Wall Street by setting up a brand new agency to regulate Wall Street.


Unfortunately some of them are also talking about the SEC, an existing agency that’s supposed to be doing just that. It appears that while Wall Street burned, the SEC fiddled -  so to speak. But big deal, so they watched a little porn on the job, so what? As long as they got their work done, right? 

We also had an Earth Day reception at Big white later in the evening, as Lady M told the kids yesterday at BYKTW day:

“For Earth Day. Oh, I think we're having a reception this evening. Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up with all the things that we're doing. There's a reception here this evening for Earth Day.”

And Sasha brought home some energy-efficient bulbs that we have to put in the house. So we're going to do some bulb replacement.”

byktw day Trying to remember what we’re doing for Earth Day

But Lady M must have gotten so busy changin’ those light bulbs that she forgot to attend the reception. Either that or it was just Big Guy’s turn to get all the photo ops.

planet earthBig Guy’s Planet Earth Day address. The people are out there, somewhere.

planet earth ladyPlanet Earth Lady with Big Guy 

So we’re busy packing for our romantic get away in Asheville, N.C. this weekend: at the posh Grove Park Inn. Just Big Guy and Lady M, no Wee Wons.They’ll be back at Big White putting the rest of those compact fluorescent light bulbs in.