Thursday, April 22, 2010

American IdOl: Do Kroners Come With That?

So let’s start with the most important news: Big Guy and Lady M on American Idol. Huge Hit. What could be better than Big Guy telling his homies, that “you're all my dawgs!" Or was he talking about greedy titans of Wall Street? Then Lady M tosses out this admonition:  "and Simon, be nice!" and even though she did it in that menacing way of hers, I doubt that Simon will pay attention. He’s a British citizen, and isn’t really frightened by MO because he’s worked with lots of fashion forward prima donnas in his day.


But of course the really big news yesterday was the Red Suit with the sequined low rider top. We’re trying out a new stylist this week, but apparently she ordered the wrong size.


As you can see, it pretty much fits everywhere, which is not one of our signature looks. Also, no belts, boob or otherwise, so our tiny waist is, well, wasted. No brooches made out of dead animal parts, insects or even fashionable flowers. The only thing she got right were the silver slippers and the low scoop-neck tank with sparkly pink and red dots. But as you see here, the suit was fitted well enough to allow us to get those kids fat behinds moving without much awkward pulling and bunching. That usually means it doesn’t fit right.

reach for it 2super Michelle

And when MO does her Atlas impersonation, she likes to flash her toned forearms, in an act intended to intimidate the enemy (in this case, fat) into compliance. Hard to do with long sleeves.



All in all, I think I could work together with this un-named stylist, but I seriously doubt that she’s going to be around long.

We also had a meeting yesterday with a group of Olympians and Paralympians at the Big White: an amazing group of athletes, some with significant disabilities, who are among the best in the world. And guess what? They’re all proud of their country!ice hockey

olympiansProud Americans

apolo Michelle_Obama_Olympians_ad34

 Apolo Ohno; check out that butt! (Someone slipped behind – no pun intended – the security line to get this booty shot, which is clearly off limits.)

Big day ahead: Earth Day, Wall Street Smack Down. I wonder if Big Guy’s going to wear his purple tie? I’ll get back to you after his “speech.”