Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chick-fil-A’s Microaggression Threatens to Melt Campus Snowflakes

Via Pundit Press:

Johns Hopkins University has banned Chick-fil-A from its campus saying that the restaurant is a “microaggression” against its students.

In an 18-8 vote, the Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins voted not to “support the proposal of a Chick-fil-A, in a current or future sense, particularly on any location that is central to student life.”

After all, how can your campus be a safe place if you allow the presence of restaurant whose CEO doesn’t agree with your stance on gay marriage? And besides, all those Chick-fil-A chicken “strips” “nuggets” and “biscuits” – they could serve as “triggers” for victims of sexual abuse, or anorexia. And as you all know, college students these days expect their schools to shield them from being “bombarded by discomfiting or distressing viewpoints;” be that from a movie or a chicken sandwich. Campuses today are awash in trigger warnings” which appear on everything from syllabi to coffee cups.

triggerDanger! Danger!

Still, banning an American business on campus because you disagree with their religious beliefs? Doesn’t that seem rather, um, intolerant? What ever happened to the “vote with your feet” concept? Not to mention that quaint concept – once quite popular on college campuses – of freedom of speech? Are they negated by heteropatriarchal cultures enjoying their white privilege? Or are they just invalidated when your misguided religious beliefs clash with with my enlightened, righteous beliefs?

All I know for certain is that if these little snowflakes can’t handle a “microaggression” of someone with an alternate belief system based on principles they disagree with, God help them in the face of the type of macro-aggressions our sworn enemies have in mind for them (ISIS Stones 2 Gay Men to Death). Because I don’t think their idea of tolerance of is what you think it is.

wow and islam

So it looks like free speech as an overarching concept of freedom may now be on its deathbed. At least that’s the conclusion it seems our President-in-Waiting and Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Crime Family has drawn:

Or as Jim Geraghty put it:

hillary change religious beliefs

So just to make sure I’ve made this perfectly clear: henceforth disagreement will no longer be tolerated…unless you are disagreeing with the intolerant bastards whose beliefs impose microaggressions on a marginalized member of one of the groups approved by  Marginalized, Aggrieved and Oppressed Incorporated (MAO Inc.). For everyone else there will be a designated area deep within our Federal Park System where you can go to practice your constitutional right, as long as there’s nobody else there who might be offended.

First_amendment_area_Muir_WoodsFirst Amendment Area as designated in the Muir Woods: how progressive!

Now go forth and multiply. Or not…your body, your choice and all. Unless, that is, you want to eat a Chick-fil-A at Johns Hopkins.

Chick-Fil-A 304Now banned on campuses country wide!

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