Sunday, April 26, 2015

FLOTUS Frock Evolution: a Correspondents’ Dinner Retrospective

The Nerd Prom is always highly anticipated around here. Will BO’s joke writers be as good as Jon Stewarts? Will TOTUS scroll them slowly enough for Big Guy to read? Who will Lady M wear and will she make both the “Best” and “Worst” dressed lists? Although that anxiety has eased considerably with the passing of Joni.

So let’s spend a few moments reviewing the transformation of Lady M at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

2009: before the discovery of industrial schtrenght Spanx:

2009 WH correspondants dinner speilberg

Immortalized by Cripes Suzette’s famous “hump, slump, bump and plump” shot:

cripes suzette shotH/T Cripes Suzette

2010: the age of elegance (and DOD spec Spanx)

White House Correspondents Association Dinner MBBRfek2BY8l.jp2010

2011: We try sexy, in a silk charmeuse on a wrestler’s toned body and messy hair


2012: We attempt restraint in our multi-colored Joseph frock and lots of skin in the game.


2013: Basic black, plenty of that DOD Spanx and we go sultry and pouty, with bangs – so you can’t see our new boy brows


2014: WTF? Looks like the dresser didn’t have time to finish so we just slapped on a big ring and headed out.


And this year, a brand new MO. New brows, new lips new hair and tons of filler and freezer; this year we’re going for a female Hispanic designation:




Or wait…are we being punked? Again?

1429932408_bruce-jenner-abc-sawyer-interview_1“I’ve got new eyebrows too.”

Let’s ask Johnny Weir, who also attended last nights festival of irrelevants:

johnny weirStill vying for that Olympic Ice Queen medal

Butt let’s face it, the press and the Hollywood celebs - who take up more seats at the dinner every year – come to hear the carefully crafted jokes that Barry’s little people write for him. And they never go home disappointed, as documented by CNN:

Of all recent presidents, Obama has taken humor closer to the hard-to-define threshold of what is appropriate coming from the mouth of a president…

Obama's not just playing for laughs. There's something deeper going on. For a president who rarely loses his temper in public, the dinner offers a safety valve…

Obama's is a brand of humor to match a polarized age where the stand-up gags of late-night hosts on broadcast TV seem tame compared to the satirical swipes of Comedy Central -- and when a veneer of good humored bipartisanship has long since been torn away…

Former President Ronald Reagan once lobbed gentle one-liners at the White House Correspondents' Dinner like he was joshing show-biz pals at a roast or warming up the audience at the "The Tonight Show."…

Three decades later, Obama's humor is more cruel, more personal and inherently more political.

All President’s have made self-deprecating jokes at the Correspondents’ dinner to humanize themselves; butt interestingly, as Tucker Carlson points out, all of BO’s self-deprecating remarks are aimed at somebody else. ‘Cuz that’s what makes malignant narcissists laugh.

bo laughing “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

And speaking of Oscar Wilde, last night’s winner of the Dorian Gray portrait award went to Jane Fonda, no contest.

jane fonda's dorian gray

Still able to fit into the Barbarella costume


Looking better now than the day she collaborated with the enemy – which of course is what the Dorian Gray award is all about.

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