Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baltimore Prosecutor: “No Peace No Fleece”

“I hear your calls ‘no justice no peace!’” – State Attorney and Prosecutor M. Mosby

I know that in America the suspect has always been assumed innocent until proven guilty, butt when did we adopt the statute that arresting officers are assumed guilty until proven innocent?

innocentNew principle of justice in America

And what are we to make of the decision by Baltimore’s Prosecutor to charge 6 officers with various forms of murder? Don’t bother trying to noodle it out for yourself, the New York Times has already weighed in with the verdict: “Marilyn Mosby, Prosecutor in Freddie Gray Case, Takes a Stand and Calms a Troubled City.”

So Ms. Mosby heard “the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America” and she decided to pander give them peace; at the price of no justice for the cops, butt you’ve gotta start somewhere, right? And who better to bring peace by issuing warrants against police officers than an inexperienced, 35 year old elected prosecutor (4 months on the job) with multiple conflicts of interest and ambitions for higher office – as all prosecutors worth their salt do? That’s right, nobody.

So in this new normal “vigilante justice” system the “seriousness of charges” against the police actions themselves serve as the basis for the criminal charges ultimately filed.

6945DemocratPlaybook101RUSH: The seriousness of the charge opens up the possibility that it might be true and therefore the seriousness of the charge is the story. Whether there’s any evidence or not.

So when the Occupy anarchists joined forces with other outside professional agitators and the disenfranchised “yoots” of Baltimore and threatened to reign down more mayhem on the city, it seemed perfectly reasonable to throw the book at the six officers involved in the arrest and transport of Freddie Gray. Therefore we get charges ranging from involuntary manslaughter to “second-degree depraved heart murder” - which means indifference to human life - for not putting Freddie’s seat belt on. Seriously? In most states that’s a $150 fine but in Baltimore it’s now felony murder.

double-down-50402Do I hear “double down on stupid”

So let me see if I’ve got this straight: 1. You can’t call black thugs thugs. 2. If cops try to stop crime in black neighborhoods “urban communities” they are accused of being racists (e.g. Michael Brown/Ferguson/Officer Wilson); and 3. if cops don’t try to stop crime in black neighborhoods “urban communities” (e.g. Freddie Gray) it’s because they don’t care about black on black crime, which makes them…racists.

Yes, this will prove to be an interesting case - not because there’s a racial component to it, like with the OJ case from the 90’s; this time race is the case. Because you know, “no peace no justice!” Or in the case of the Reverend Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters, “no fleece, no peace.” That’s golden fleece – in case there was any doubt - for those who orchestrate the malaise.

Squire-and-Partners-golden-fleece-hero-IIHIH Race Baiters: maintaining the “no peace no justice” meme since 1970 in exchange for fleece

So here’s the bottom line: unless the Baltimore prosecutor can make the gloves fit to avoid aquits, there will be more riots in Baltimore. So given that, don’t expect inconvenient mitigating facts like this:

Gray’s premature birth, his heroin addicted mother, and his extreme lead poisoning, his slamming himself up against walls — whether because he was in the grip of an uncontrolled fury or because he was hoping for a hospital visit, not a jail visit — resulted in him fracturing his own possibly congenitally-weakened spine. – Bookworm Room

to have much weight in the kangaroo court.

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