Sunday, October 4, 2020

Keep The Faith

I’m not going to kid you, I was very worried when they took the President to Walter Reed. “Don’t worry” they said, it’s just “an abundance of caution.” But experience tells us me that when caution is necessary it’s due to an abundance of things to worry about.  So it is a great relief to hear that as of late yesterday our President is doing much better - with no fever and normal oxygen levels. Of course we also learn this morning that it was a spiked fever and a rapid drop in blood oxygen levels that led to his admission on Friday. Thus we are reminded yet again that there are no certainties in this life…and that “officials” never tell you everything.

But if you want to put your money on a horse, I’d advise that we all go with our iron horse: the man who keeps chugging along no matter what is thrown in his path in a relentless drive to Make America Great Again.

Our Old Locomotive Breath

So get your own steam engine fired up…

and keep the faith.

We have a lot of freight to haul.