Thursday, October 8, 2020

Forget the Ham, Go With the Piglet

One Thing That Has Gone Wrong In America Is The General Acceptance Of Bad Ham. – Jim Harrison

Fact. And the worst of these bad hams are on the political stage.

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Before continuing I should stipulate to the following: I am neither a misogynist nor a racist. I don’t find Kamala Harris despicable because she’s a woman, nor because she’s black-ish.

Rather, it’s because she’s an unprincipled opportunist and a liar, among her many other unseemly characteristics.

Lauded: Harris received plaudits from a number of Hollywood stars on Wednesday

If you had a visceral, negative reaction to Kamala’s performance last night it’s most likely because she reminded you of someone you really, really don’t like. Her acting style – from the same studio and coach as Michelle’s I would suggest – produces an easily recognized, dislikable character we’ve all known somewhere.

She’s the disloyal, backstabbing “friend,” the co-worker who lies about you to the boss, the drama queen who keeps things stirred up to deflect from her own shortcomings. We can’t wait to rid ourselves of the smirky, smarter-than-thou, abrasive, condescending, preachy, bitchy, friend, relative, spouse (most likely ex) or co-worker character.

Pro tip for the lefties: real Americans can spot the fake sincerity a mile out. We don’t buy the method acting expression of disingenuous concern: the theatrical furrowed brow, forlorn head shake,  excitable bouncy-up-and-down-in-the-chair and breathless “concern voice” doesn’t play well in Middle America.

Kamala Harris railed against Donald Trump during Wednesday's vice presidential debate in Utah, claiming when she first heard the report claiming he only paid $750 she thought the they meant to say $750,000Congrats, you’ve got the bouncing up and down on your tail nailed

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America, we don’t need any more bad ham.

Hi, I’m Kamala, and I’m a bad actor.

When going into big headwinds a big bear and a little piglet will serve you better than a couple of hams

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