Saturday, June 26, 2021

There’s Been a Slight Discrepancy…

The hand review of Maricopa County votes began in late April, after Arizona’s state Senate seized the ballots and voting machines from the county using a legislative subpoena. It has continued through this week and a final report is expected soon. No matter the result Senate President Karen Fann has said the goal of the review is not to overturn Biden’s “win” in Arizona but to look for ways to improve future elections.

If that’s the goal I’d suggest they, along with other states that likewise wish to “improve future elections,” begin by making it much harder for fraudsters to steal the vote; even if Facebook believes such thinking is a sure sign of crazy, racist white supremacism.

stop the steal2stop the steal22jpgHere’s a pair of angry white supremacists if ever I’ve seen one

Back to the hand count: this has been floating around the inner-tubes. Is it accurate? Is it even real?

there's been a slight discrepancy in the arizona vote counts

I don’t know. But it seems to indicate a…slight discrepancy between official vote counts and actual ballots in the recount. But isn’t the real issue that it is so completely believable?

In fact I’ll bet there are even a fair number of people on the Left who - in their heart of hearts - know it could  easily be true. The other half are delusional enough to believe that a majority of their countrymen would actually choose to elect a demented dimwitted fool along with her senile sidekick.

kamala-biden-astrology-1605292993Cackles and Gaffels

Bear in mind that Saturday’s child, being required to actually work hard for a living, is not amused by any of this.

po'd cat

And there will be payback.