Thursday, May 17, 2018

Spying On Trump: “an exceptionally, exceptionally sensitive issue”

As it turns out the FBI knew that if they got caught illegally and unconstitutionally spying on an enemy of Deep State it would look bad:  AWESOME!

spying on trump

You’re not likely to get one by the FBI.


Under John Brennan, the CIA operated as an opposition research outfit for the Hillary Clinton campaign. It appears from leaked news stories in the British press that Brennan’s oafish spying on Trump began around April 2016, right after Trump’s biggest primary victories. As it became urgently clear to Brennan that Trump was going to face off against Hillary, Brennan turned to “intelligence partners” in Europe for dirt on Trump. But they didn’t have any, save some pretty skimpy material on “contacts” between Trump campaign officials and Russians…

(Brennan) referred to the FBI/CIA’s spying on the Trump campaign as an “exceptionally, exceptionally sensitive issue.” [ed. Most illegal activities are.]

From Russian Roulette, the post election book by David Corn and Michael Isikoff.

Brennan dimly understood that there would be hell to pay if it came out that Hillary partisans in the U.S. government were spying on her opponent’s campaign, making use of opposition research that she had purchased. But Brennan, who was auditioning to be Hillary’s CIA director and choking on his anger at the thought of Trump as president, couldn’t help himself apparently.”via American Spectator

Gee, I’ll bet that information would have been more interesting during the election.

Have at it people. It has finally stopped raining after a 40 day deluge and I have 3 decks (why did I ever think THAT was a good idea?) needing a summer facelift.

dutch-country-road-farm-early-sun after rain

So up and at ’em: those decks aren’t going to power wash and seal themselves!

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