Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wanna Bet?

Believe, people!

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If the Cubbies can break a 108 year curse, Trump can break the eight year curse of Obama. To paraphrase carolann from last night: Brexit, the Cubs, Trump – three events people said would never happen...but they did…and will!

And this year might also end the 25 year curse of the Clintons. NO REALLY, I’M SERIOUS THIS TIME!

New evidence regarding the collusion between Clinton Inc., the Department of Justice and the Department of State continues to pour in. And apparently it pours out as well:

Sources say 99% chance foreign intel agencies accessed Clinton’s private server. CTH

There you have it: evidence of a national security violation, and a major violation at that. God only knows how many lives were placed in jeopardy – and possibly even lost – as a result of this egregious breach. Not to mention the amount of U.S. intelligence that has been accessed and undoubtedly used by our enemies for other nefarious purposes. This becomes a very big, very real national security scandal, very fast.

So big in fact that FBI agents obtained enough evidence to present a convincing case to the DOJ of collusion and corruption between the Secretary of State’s office and Clinton Inc.. You can imagine how irate those agents must have been to find out that the DOJ just brushed their evidence aside, calling it non-credible. Having surmounted the newest standard established by James Comey last July – intent – it’s still not good enough for the Protectors of the Clinton Legacy Program.

And let me be clear: Bill and Hill set up their home-brew server with the express intent of circumventing the prying eyes of the DOJ, FBI and FOIA requests so they would be free to exploit Hillary’s office of Secretary of State for the benefit of the Clinton Foundation and their private gain (aka “Clinton Inc.). That wraps Hillary’s so-called email scandal up right smack in the middle of the smelly fish wrap of the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play investigation. And I don’t care what way you’re leaning in this year’s election…


That’s right, YUGE! All you have to do is connect the dots: Crooked Foundation, Crooked Private Server, Crooked Secretary of State – and voila! National Security Violation! R.I.C.O.!! Stay tuned and make more popcorn. This is gonna be good.



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