Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home For the Holiday: Feliz Quarto De Julio

So, I guess that wasn’t a very good idea: asking Lady M why I’m making less than one eighth of what the other Big White  political “detailees” are “earning.” And I waited until after her afternoon “tea” and everything.


I would have thought that she, of all people, would have been interested in establishing salary parity, because I’ve heard her talk about it a zillion times.

mo and lilly

Lady M with Lilly Ledbetter, carping on  about “equal pay for equal work.” As if she would know.

Butt I guess my timing was bad. She was in the middle of complaining about the heat, all the bugs (real bugs: spiders, flies, mosquitoes) and the lack of entertainment options up at Camp David and I should have been a little more, um, “cognizant of her needs.” Apparently.

Anyway, the long and short of it is Lady M decided to send me and Little Mo back to the Big White to weed and water the Big White Oraganic Garden of Versus in order to give our illegal Mexicans the rest of the Quarto de Julio weekend off. Which I think is not only vindictive (I only asked for a 5% raise, and my health insurance alone went up 160% – more if I had opted for the extended warranty), butt also kind of silly since none of our illegal gardeners are real citizens, and therefore don’t really have the right to celebrate our independence. Do they?

I think this is a clear case of “retribution” and if Megyn Kelly was back from her maternity leave, I would see about having her handle my complaint. (Although I’m still waiting to hear from both her and Professor William Jacobson re. my “Supremacy Clause” complaint.)

So here I am. It’s hotter than Hades and the humidity is off the drip chart, and I’m setting the sprinklers and running like crazy because I think you know what moisture does to my telemetry system and other complex circuitry. And since I didn’t opt for the extended warranty under my new health care plan, I can’t afford to crash. (I used to have the extended warranty under my old NASA policy;, butt they aren’t offering it any more. Which is too bad because I liked it, and really wanted to keep it.)

Little Mo’s ok with this reassignment, even though he was looking forward to the long weekend at Camp David, digging for his fill of grubs. So he’s just helping himself to anything in the Garden of Good and Evil that he feels like eating: primarily the sweet potatoes and baby turnips. Lady M will be surprised this year when she tries to harvest her precious sweets.

moleholesSweet potato blight, aka “Mole holes”

So that’s a long way of saying, I’ve got my hands full around here until after the 4th of July fireworks, so I won’t be able to post  much until then.

whats this

What? Oh, the picture? Just some anti-war demonstrators in Vermont. I know. We don’t usually show you those images. Butt I'm downloading everything from my hard drive because it’s apt to crash in all this heat and humidity.

Oh, here’s another one:

protesting Obama's education policies and LGBTQA inequality

Really? And when did you first discover this to be the case, America?

I just thought you should know.

Now if you’ll forgive me, I have to give our gardeners directions to the Quickee Mart so they can stock up on snacks and illegal fireworks for their Quatro de Julio celebration. They keep chanting Big Guy’s name. They seem to have gotten the impression somehow that he just granted them amnesty. I have no clue where they got that idea, butt I sure hope it doesn’t cause any trouble for the Wons.

bo outOh, oh!

Or, God forbid, interrupt their vacation.

PS. If you want to feel more optimistic about the future of America as you watch the weiners on the grill (oh, wait...he resigned) and celebrate our Independence Day, read Clarice’s Pieces in today’s American Thinker. I know, if she’s right, my daze with Team-Obama are numbered and it' may be back to the Smithsonian. Butt that’s a “sacrifice” I’ll joyfully make!