Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coming Soon: The Royal Tweets

Watching Will and Kate’s royal Canadian visit has brought about some wishful thinking on the part of many Americans. Despite it being anathema to the concept of a democratic republic, many are longing for a little royalty of our own; something Kennedy-esque to lift us out of this malaise that has set in with the summer heat. You know, someone we can look up to; someone with the grace, charm and refinement of Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Well America, you’re in luck! Not since the Kennedys graced the White House has America had such a royal family residing in Washington. Here, to illustrate, is a pictorial essay of how the Wons are just like royalty. I believe the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Kate drops a ball to start a street hockey match in Yellowknife (north of the bear line, eh?)


Lady M starts the Nationals v Cubs game in Washington D.C. last night


Kate participates in active sports



article-2011577-0CE1EA3000000578-367_964x340So does Lady M

running with jugs


Wills shows Kate and some wee ones how a gentleman operates an umbrella


Big Guy knows how to use an umbrella too


Will pilots a military helicopter in a water landing during military exercises on Prince Edward Island, to impress his bride


Big Guy gets on a military helicopter, quickly recovering from bumping his head in the process

obama headbump

Kate demonstrates proper limo dismount technique


As does Lady M

mo car grand canyon

Kate breaks ground for a shovel ready project


Lady M threatens to break heads if the project’s not shovel ready PDQ

mo shovel ready

And of course, we haven’t even touched on the mutual fashion sensibilities of the Duchess of Cambridge and Lady  M. Here are Kate and Mo, both de-planing in a black and white sheath dress: is this resemblance not simply uncanny (no pun intended)!?!


Alas, I’ll have to cover the fashion similarities tomorrow because I have to get ready for Guy’s first ever Twitter Town Hall webcast  this afternoon.

Unfortunately the answers, unlike the questions, will not be constrained to 140 characters, as Big Guy will be responding to the tweets verbally. So pack up some sandwiches and a thermos or two of coffee – and maybe a few Twinkies - and plan on spending an action-filled afternoon in front of your computer because we’re going to be explaining TWF (The Way Forward) and our plans for WTF (Winning The Future) in our TwitterTownhall on the Economy and Jobs. That’s "@townhall" marked with the hashtag "AskObama." Social Media. TWF. WTF.

See you all there.

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