Sunday, December 18, 2016


Here it is, the Sunday before Christmas already. How does this happen? Every. Year. And I haven’t even wrapped up last week’s news yet so let’s get started.

First off, Barry gave the newsers an early Christmas gift by deigning to hold a rare end-of-year press conference in which he delusionally declared his presidency an unmitigated success. In fact he gave himself a very solid A+. That’s up from the solid B+ he gave himself at the end of his first year when he was interviewed by Oprah (December, 2009):

In her Christmas in Washington special on ABC last night, Oprah Winfrey asked President Obama to grade himself.

“Good, solid B-plus,” the president said.

Explaining, he said, “we have inherited the biggest set of challenges of any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


“We stabilized the economy, and prevented possibilities of a Great Depression or a significant financial meltdown. The economy is growing again. (edit: If by “growing” you mean by an average of 1.5% during an 8 year ongoing “recovery”)

“We are on our way out of Iraq. I think we’ve got the best possible plan for Afghanistan. (edit: CNN - Dateline November 19, 2016: Suicide bombs and street-to-street fighting, human shields and a humanitarian crisis. The battle to recapture Mosul from ISIS has been raging for a month. So where do things stand?)

“We have reset our image around the world.”  (edit: China steals U.S. undersea drone in international waters)

And apparently he stills believe this to be true as he told the press corpse just last Friday: “almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.”

Butt shoot, I guess your self-evaluation wasn’t accepted because as the Constitution would have it, you really don’t get to grade yourself. That’s still left up to we, the people and based on the results of the election I’d say the people would knock it down a few grades. So…No Mo BO.


Because – in case you haven’t heard, Hillary lost. And it’s all Vladimir Putin’s fault; because that’s what her people - who don’t want to take the blame any more than she does - told her.

"Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyberattacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me," Clinton said, per audio obtained by The New York Times.

In the remarks, Clinton ties the "beef" to the country's parliamentary elections in 2011, which as secretary of state, Clinton said were "unfair, not free, illegitimate."

To bad Hilz… No Mo Dough, No Mo Quid Pro Quo.


And then of course we have Lady M, who is HOPEless – once again. As she famously opined to Oprah last week:

"I think that we feel the difference now. See, now we're feeling what not having hope feels like," Obama said. "Hope is necessary. It's a necessary concept.


And since this is above all a fashion blog I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the lovely frock MO chose for her last Oprah appearance as FLOTUS was a Preen midi, by Thornton Bregazzi.


It’s described as a “loose-fitting design crafted from tactile devoré silk-blend chiffon that's printed with pretty florals and metallic stripes.”  And talk about leveling the playing field! Sitting right next to Oprah it manages to magically make both icons appear to be of equal size. That’s magical. And while this lovely frock originally was priced at $2910 it’s now marked down to a reasonable $1455.

preen midi

Who wouldn’t jump on that?

32 more days to NO MO BO, NO MO MO, NO MO WOE. Save the date!

PS: Let’s hope that Thornton Bregazzi is one of the designers who’s refused to design for Melania.

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