Saturday, December 17, 2016

Hawaii Bound and Down

The Obama family has landed. In Hawaii. For their last tax-payer funded Winter Holiday (whoops! trigger warning!)

obamas hawaii.2jpgThe Won with Wee Won 1

obamasThe entire Happy Family

Perhaps a little vacation - well okay, you and I might consider 17 days in paradise a really BIG vacation, butt a little perspective here, people! – will renew their HOPE.


And the best part about this year’s vacation: when they return they’ll only have 15 days left in the White House. That will renew our HOPE! for CHANGE!

So as we all go about our Christmas shopping/baking/tree trimming/chores here’s a little something to make the time fly by even faster than it already does: a whole album of Bing Crosby doing something he does much better than acting: singing Christmas Carols.

And yes, it features that old Yuletide classic, Mele Kalikimaka, that I feature in the post every Christmas Eve. Somewhere around the 48 minute mark.

bob hope

See the whole movie here, if you want an almost black and white version; here if you’re feeling more HOPEful and want to go all technicolor on me.

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