Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flower Child

Eeeeww! Sir Paul was serenading Lady M from afar. It was pretty creepy watching this ex-Beetle, who’s “sell by” date expired sometime in the last century, crooning “Mee-shell” to FLOTUS like a mop-headed 70 year old Jonas Brother. Thank goodness we were safely encamped at Camp David making s’mores for the equally fawning press corps.

We should’ve seen this coming, since the cute Beetle has been drooly over all-things-Obama since BO’s campaign got in gear. I’m thinking he mistook MO for a flower child; a flash back to that summer of hope, dope and love.

It’s true Lady M does have a soft spot for those big squirty flowers. She actually got the idea from Joey B who is known around the White House as the Merry Prankster. Most people around here know about the squirting flower gag and stay out of range when she’s

michelle green flower michelle red flower

wearing one. But as TOTUS has pointed out, Joey B falls for it every time. We can’t figure out if he’s just sucking up, or if he suffered permanent damage as a result of the original Electric Kool-aid Acid Test. Which, when you think about it, could explain a lot.