Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Boy in the Bubble

A little traveling music: The Boy in the Bubble, Paul Simon

Ten days into the Libyan conflict, and only one more to go till we  get clarity from Big Guy on what he thinks we’re doing there. Poor TOTUS has been scrolling non-stop as speech writers continue to search for the right message.

Butt rest assured, we will get complete transparency on the mission come Monday. Just like we were promised.

from Hillbuzzobama20bubble20wraph/t Radio Patriot

Meanwhile, our ambassador-at-large, former President Jimmy Carter, has announced an upcoming trip to Havana "to learn about new economic policies and the upcoming (Communist) Party congress and to discuss ways to improve U.S.-Cuba relations."

Because we could really use some new economic policies.

carter-obama-minimefrom Moonbattery via iOTW

And while he’s there, maybe Jimmy could pick up some tips on transparency in government too. And health care. I understand their wonderful health plan is even better than Canada’s. Just ask Baby Joseph.

And on the Presidential 2012 front, I see that the Progs, suffering from Palin fatigue, have moved on to their new designated female bubble-head: Michelle Bachman.

The Atlantic thinks she has an “experience problem.” Which seems a bit sexist to me: they would never say that about a black man who had less experience than her.

The Boston Herald asks “Is Michelle Bachman the brightest bulb in the GOP race?and go on to make fun of her campaign to save us from green, curly-cue light bulbs:

She thinks both Obamas want to micromanage us (Michelle Obama pushing healthy foods and breast pump tax breaks) and take away all we hold dear (our sacred freedoms — and our incandescent light bulbs).

Yes, light bulbs.

Bachmann, who actually filed the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice act, has tapped into another issue Americans apparently feel quite passionate about: holding onto incandescents and steering clear of those curly-cue, energy efficient bulbs the government’s pushing us to buy. Who knew Bachmann’s Light Bulb Brigade would gain tremendous traction?

Again, sexist. I’ll bet no one would ever make fun of a black man who claimed we could solve the energy crisis by putting more air in car tires.

And I’ll bet that this other Michelle didn’t observe Earth Hour last night either.

lightsoff forEarthHourLights off at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio for Earth Hour last night: thank goodness the Wons were here last week

ctr2…it wouldn’t have been the same without the lights.

Ignoring Earth Hour: right there, Bachman proves that she’s unqualified to be President. That, plus the fact she’s not a constitutional law professor. She was just a real, practicing, tax law attorney.

Although understanding Federal Tax Code takes away one of your biggest political loopholes.

timmy does he scare you toocharlie rangel2



Living inside protective bubble wrap makes survival quite a bit easier, but it makes it pretty hard to see what’s really inside.