Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama’s Betting on America. With your money.

“Obama set off on a two-day odyssey through battleground states Ohio and Pennsylvania, meant to stress his rescue of the iconic US auto industry and to contrast his empathy with the middle class to that of his opponent Mitt Romney.”

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1: a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune

2: an intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

And so we continue our “Betting on America”  bus tour:

OBAMA_SAVING_CANADIAN_JOBS-CROP_cowatermark_thumb[1] In our Canadian made bus

Other names considered for the tour included “Betting on America’s Victims,” “Betting against the Demon-Rich” and “Betting on Middle Class Envy” butt none of them tested as well. So we settled on the simpler concept of Betting on America. It’s like betting the farm, only bigger.

bo bets america“I’ll match your peck of peaches and raise you a gross of corn”

bo fuzzy peachesAre your peaches fuzzy, baby?

It was a brutal day in Ohio:

The heat,


bo breaking a sweat

the humidity,

bo hot

The maudlin,

obama care supporters for obamanot a set up photo op

The burger snack,


bo's burger Savin’ the corn, peaches and strawberries for later

The happy hour stop,

bo drinking like a girldrinking like a with the girls

So as we continue our “Betting on America” tour through the scorching heartland today, let’s do a quick recap of how our gambling spree is going so far:

  • Solyndra – let’s say that bet set us back a half billion and call it a day.
  • Abound Energy – a much better bet. We only lost $70 million on that since they went bankrupt before they burned through the entire $400 million loan guarantee. Although technically we should probably count the $10 million they got from Big Guy’s Import-Export Bank too. So make that $80 million. Still chump change in this game.
  • Nevada Geothermal Power – yeah, this one’s going down. Let’s round that loss to $99 million. Like Solyndra, NGP was already on the ropes when the Energy Department granted the loan. Big Guy says if they weren’t in trouble, they wouldn’t have needed the loan, right? Business is not really his strong suit. On account of it requires the use of the old fashioned kind of math instead of the new mathamagical math.

Oh well, at least they didn’t ship any jobs off shore like that Vulture Capitalist Romney. (I don’t think Dr. Chu’s Off Shore Wind Farms count.)


I don’t know, maybe alternate energy isn’t where the smart money is betting any more. Nobody seems to need all that green energy when manufacturing continues to decline (unexpectedly) along with jobs and employment (also unexpectedly).

Even Big Guy’s best bud Jeffy Imelt has canceled plans he announced last October to build the largest solar panel plant in the country. Well, never mind. Seems as though the numbers are going to work out. So it looks like GE is just another Vulture Capitalist after all. On the bright side, maybe Big Guy could school Jeff on how to use mathamagical numbers in business analysis. And then GE could apply for a loan from Big Guy’s Big Bank of Venture Socialism.

bo business analysis 101 copy


So onward, oh great Won! Let us continue our odyssey across America. Betting your money as we see fit.

We’re bound to win eventually, right?

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