Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SO TU, Brute?

Like many of you, Clinton Romesha checked his calendar and discovered he had more pressing things to tend to so the Medal of Honor winner reluctantly declined Lady M’s gracious offer to join her for Big Guy’s campaign speech SOTU.

Perhaps he felt his unspeakable bravery and valor had already been more than adequately exploited noted for one week. Or perhaps he declined in deference to the memory of his 8 fallen comrades who could not be there.

i-ZwdXBpH-LStaff Sgt. Romesha, true American hero, embraces the son of one of his fallen comrades as Lady M grins approvingly.

Or maybe he saw the photos of Lady M smiling at him a bit too approvingly and didn’t wish to be a distraction.

mo Clinton Romesha

Nor did he wish to detract from the other deserving pawns tools representatives in Lady M’s box.

mo's sotu box

Besides, he didn’t miss anything. As I told you the other day, all the good news was a rerun. Tax and “invest” – in high speed intercontinental trains, shovel ready jobs, global warming abatement, more green jobs. The rich can afford to pay a little bit more, womyn need to get a fair shake, comprehensive illegal aliens need to be brought out of the shadows, and why do we need the Second Amendment anyway? And did I mention we’ve already created a gazillion new jobs?

Oh, and we’re going to have to issue another harsh warning to Iran about their nuclear program (and maybe North Korea too, those bad little Jong Uns). And as a good example, we’ll be getting rid of a lot of our own nuclear arms – Big Guy promised Pootie he would, when he had a little more flexibility. The new slimmed down nuclear arsenal should fit nicely with our new drastically slimmed down military.

And Lady M, well, she looked stunning! She wore her new Valentine’s Day squirty pin on her upside down black heart dress;

Screenshot Studio capture #752

Just don’t ask me again what’s up with MO’s lips:

                    Screenshot Studio capture #764Screenshot Studio capture #766

I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with Joey’s hair and face. I’m not sure butt I think he might be taking a few of those Botox cocktails. He’s starting to look like his good friend Senator McCain.

joey botox

Butt getting back to Lady M, I think her inspiration for this look was a retro-Supremes theme: specifically Florence Ballard.

The Supremessupremes22

And I might as well get this out of the way right now. Yes, the outfit required the full standard containment systems, as well as the auxiliary athletic cup. I don’t know anything about that, butt the camera never lies.

Screenshot Studio capture #758Screenshot Studio capture #759

All in all, another great, historic speech. We just keep racking them up.

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