Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday MO! We can’t possibly thank you enough for all you’ve done!

AARP coverHappy Birthday card from AARP: Best wishes and sincere thanks for all you’ve done for us!

You’ve probably noticed: the photo embargo, backed by the full faith, credit and retaliatory power of the U.S. government, was in full force for Lady M’s big, historic, Fab Fifty bash last night. So it’s unlikely that you will see much of the actual party that you paid for.

The photo-Gestapo gendarmes were out in full force. As of this morning they had confiscated “detained” over 350 cameras and smartphones that will be scanned for data by the NSA before and if they are returned to their rightful owners. Hopefully that will  prevent a recurrence of the release of embarrassing photos like those that emerged of last year’s celebrity studded inaugural after-party at the Big White. (See the end of yesterday’s post for an example of one of those embarrassing pictures).

Here’s a sampling from last year’s affairs de state of the type of photos that appear on the innertubes if you just let anyone snap them: (more can be seen here)

walking dead John Mayer and Katy Perry (aka the Walking Dead) at the White House after-party with Manuela Testolini, left, and India and Eric Benet right.

gaga bennett Lady Gaga in the White House should be considered embarrassing if itself, butt performing with Tony Bennett seems to make it somehow worse.

mo with india benetOverhead shot of Lady M dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies with India Benet

So I think you can see the wisdom behind the photo bomb ban. Aside from that little wrinkle though, the “Sips, Chips and Dips with Obama’s Cripps” 50th birthday bash was a huge success! We did run out of Cristal early on because Jay-z was pouring it all over place:

jay z popping the cristal

No problem; we just broke out the Dom and kept rollin’ along.

mo drinking wine

As you know, Big Guy gave MO an early birthday present that included an extra 10 day vacation in Hawaii [ed. and some new cheeks and eyebrows],

Screenshot Studio capture #1635

and followed that up by throwing last night’s really, really big party with everyone who’s anyone (or anyone who made a generous contribution to our Organizing for the Transformation of America effort).

Because I know you’ve been wondering what you gave Lady M for her birthday - and because you’re going to be asked to chip in to cover its cost  later -  I got her to pose with it for you. And it’s the perfect gift because, as MO told People magazine: "Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves."

Lady M-Black AMEX Card copyThe American Express Card Black Card: because membership has its privileges: in this case no credit limits and no expiration date.

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