Thursday, January 16, 2014

MOTUS Gets Mail: The Secrets to Michelle Obama’s “Signature Look”

Since Lady M is back from her “me-time” with the girls and looking all “refreshed” and foxy – all without any of my special effects:


Since she’s doing so well without me I decided to hang out here at the Sundance Festival until I’m needed back at the Big White for “The Party” of the half-century this Saturday. So I took the opportunity to catch up on my email.  Look at this fascinating message I found in my inbox:

I thought you may be interested in this graphic that celebrates our fashionable First Lady Michelle Obama, in honor of her upcoming 50th birthday this week.

The dynamic infographic includes fashion highlights from Michelle's reign as FLOTUS so far, tributes to other stylish First Ladies that came before her, and easy steps the everyday woman can take to get Michelle's signature style for cheap.

My first thought of course was: have these people ever even visited my website? Obviously not. Butt nevertheless, they’ve put a lot of work into this effort and it occurred to me: could there be a better way to honor Lady M’s first, historic, mid-century birthday  than to mark it with a retrospective of her historic frocks, boobbelts, squirt flowers, shower curtains and mini-me cardigans? I didn’t think so either. THEN, on top of all that, they threw in a “FLOTUS vs Ann Romney Throwdown,”!!! All of a sudden, this feature turned into a big f-ing deal!!!

Don’t quit ‘till you get to the very end, because following the “5 Steps to Get the Michelle Obama Look For Less” is my exclusive poll: “The Most Important Secret to Lady M's Signature Look Is.”

You’re gonna’ see all of the uh… ASSets that made Lady M the “Fashion Icon and Busy Mom™ the whole planet had been waiting for! I’ve cut and cropped some of the more important parts of the pitch for you. Butt if you want to see the whole shebang, including the special effects, you can find it here. Just be sure to come back to vote!

I feel compelled to mention, this is legit - which is what makes it so special – as they say, you can’t make this stuff up. Well, unless you’re me.Embarrassed smile

The Intro:

1 copy

The Evolution of a Fashion Icon and Busy Mom ™:


2 I really should have released my paper doll edition of these classics.

The Throwdown – Who will Win???:


3Hint: the white wife lost

Lady M is Money in the Bank:


4 copy



Can You Fill Lady M’s Shoes???:


6 copy


Finally, 5 Steps to Get the Michelle Obama Look for Less:

(which is the whole point of the MO promotion)


7 copy

And while all these retrospectives are nice, I just need to point out that we can’t rest on our past laurels.


Even Lady M has acknowledged that she's always felt that her life is ‘ever-evolving’ and she doesn't have the right to ‘just sit on my talents or blessings.””

Screenshot Studio capture #1626As we all know, MO has talents and blessings to spare

Butt credit where credit is due: the people who put this great piece together have sooo captured Lady M’s signature styles. Which one do you think is her primary signature look? Let’s find out:

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