Sunday, March 23, 2014

Breaking: New Satellite Images From China

Did you catch Big Guy’s speech at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida last week?

President Obama made it personal in Florida on Thursday, as he spoke about his efforts to make sure the U.S. economy "rewards the hard work of women."

Consider it done:

obama china trip”US First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters Malia and Sasha visit the Summer Palace in Beijing’

Obama also spoke about his wife's difficulty in balancing work and family:

“When Michelle and I had our girls, you know, we gave everything we had to try to balance raising a family and chasing careers, but I’ll be honest with you — it was harder for her than it was for me because, you know, when she was with the girls she’d feel guilty about am I doing everything I need to be doing on the job. When she was at work, she’d feel bad about, you know, are the girls missing me. And you know, I know Barack’s, you know, messing up somehow. (Laughter.) You know, so she’s calling to check, and –” (laughter).

Goodness, 103 words and 6 “you know” non-fluencies! I think that bests even Lady M and Caroline Kennedy! No wonder Barack was rated the 5th best President ever in only his 5th year! Although from the looks of the report, that fifth place finish was calculated using those new Common Core number bonds.

fifth best president per texas a and mh/t Weasel Zippers

And to those of you who consider this just a gratuitous butt shot, well, you’re welcome:

mo butth/t deehra

I wonder if this was picked up by a Chinese satellite?

P.S. Anyone else remember when the media mocked Ann Romney’s bird blouse?

mo ann romney

Guess she should have stuck with her equestrian theme.

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