Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hillary: Old, Fat, Sick…still good enough for government work.

Some are whispering that Hillary is too old to run for president.

Clinton 2008

But that’s clearly not the issue, as Hills will only be 69 when she runs for president in 2016. Ronald Reagan was 73 when he ran in 1984, as was Bob Dole when he ran, and John McCain was 71 for his run against Hope and Change.

No, the question is not:“Is Hillary too old to run for president?” It’s “Is Hillary too fat to run for president?”


And before you squawk “SEXISM!” allow me to point out that weight is a legitimate issue for both sexes; just ask Chris Christie.


Now I’m not saying that Hills is Chris Christie fat:


Heck, she’s not even Kirstie Alley fat:

A little chubby maybe, butt Kirstie Alley fat? – nah.

Butt now I see there’s a new whisper campaign asking “is Hillary too sick to run?” with irresponsible innuendos of a brain tumor. This is a red herring. I’m not sure who tossed it out: It may have been Hill’s own campaign team, seeking to establish health-fueled plausible deniability argument for her abdication of responsibility in Benghazi.

hill benghazi

If it was her political enemies, then it’s intended to undermine her overall fitness for office. If that’s the case, it probably won’t fly, as we’ve gone for over 5 years without knowing whether Big Guy is physically fit enough to run the country. To establish a new standard now and demand to know about Hillary’s health would be outright sexist – so don’t be expecting the MSM to bring it up; we all know that’s the purview of the GOP.

hill old fat sick

All I can say, is that even if Hillary has lost those thick, lush “boy eyebrows” of her youth:


She’s somehow managed to maintain her youthful insouciance:

oh oh

And that’s all that’s necessary to be President. So don’t worry about her suffering from a serious brain disorder, she’s the smartest woman on earth:

hills half a brain(with apologies to Rush Limbaugh)

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