Thursday, May 22, 2014

America’s Got about voting for it for a change???

Did you happen to catch America’s big talent show yesterday?

No, I don’t mean American Idol or The Voice.  I note, however, that in both cases the white boys won, despite the fact they were not the most talented.


Talk about a war on women; the Republicans obviously found a way to suppress the votes.

Nor am I talking about the mid-morning talent show where BO demonstrated his two most awesome talents, teleprompter reading and dancing – simultaneously! Wow! When Big Guy humbly noted back in 2008 “Harry, I have a gift,” I bet even old Harry had no idea how big a gift it actually was.

140416-biden-obama-instagram selfieThe two best grins in the politics of show business:

No, I’m not talking about BO’s presser smack-down of Fox/Talk Radio’s latest phony scandal, the VA secret wait list. Once again, Big Guy demonstrated his amazing talent by performing without a net for an amazing 45 minutes He began with a brief statement followed by responding to 3 questions – without once actually having to say anything! The Presidential Exposition and Competition judging team mostly gave him his standard score of 10.0; noting the extra degree of difficulty in this performance due to the requirement that he acknowledge and incorporate a reference to his predecessor’s (George W. Bush) major contribution to today’s program. 

It requires amazing skill and focus to give credit to someone else for everything you’ve actually accomplished in the past 5 1/2 years.

 ObamaDoneWitDisShit-540x343“Honest, not a smidgen of this mess is my fault.”

Butt enough about that endless pool of talent we draw upon every day to run the country. How many  phony scandal acronyms (ATF, NSA, DOJ, IRA, ACA, VA ) do we have to keep up in the air before people in this country just

Well, I’m moving on, to the real talent show I intended to talk about in the first place,  Lady M’s "Turnaround Arts" program that took place in the White House yesterday: 

Michelle-Obama (1)Strike a Pose

The talent show included school age kids from around the country, as well as actress Sarah Jessica Parker, best known as slutty Carrie in Sex and the City: a good role model for the girls just learning how to use their, uh, talents, as well.

sex-and-the-city-2-carrie-bradshaw-and-mr-big-in-bedSJP as Carrie, with the other Mr. Big

Since she was at the White House with the country’s top fashion icon (and busy Mom™) Sarah took the opportunity to hawk her new line of stiletto heels! How patriotic is that - hawking your own line of red, white and blue shoes direct from the East Room?!

sjp shoesThe new line of SJK stilettos, on display exclusively this week in the East Room. Available nationwide starting Memorial Day weekend!

Needless to say, the East Room was rockin’ with all this untapped talent:


I swear, if America finds any more talent we’re going to have to open a permanent nightclub in the old bowling alley downstairs.

When all the song and dance numbers were performed, and the votes counted, the winner was finally announced: and guess what!? The winner is…YOU, America! For truly recognizing the value of diversity for diversity’s sake!

White-House-talent-show-sjp-ftrA Burka, a slut, an Af-Am, a Mex-Am and a “Far Right Winger,” slightly out of the frame

And to mark the significance of this auspicious honor, Big Guy himself showed up, somehow managing to squeeze an air kiss in between his very busy schedule of not resting until he gets to the bottom of every phony scandal that Bush started.

AFP/Getty 529983311Big Air Kiss # 8502

The First Lady rocked it out with students as they performed song and dance numbers and President Obama even stopped by for the finale.

"I just want to say … I've got talent but I wasn't invited," he joked.

Well, honestly, he “wasn’t invited” by at least part of the country, butt since he WON anyway he’s displayed his many talents for all to see on a daily basis.

Obama-bucks-animated-money-gifLet’s spread that wealth around a little bit more.

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