Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Getting Back to Worrying About Real Stuff

As is his habit, BHO took the occasion of the annual Iftar dinner to deliver his first foreign relations speech of the year. (Here is where it is obligatory for JournOlists to insert the factoid that Bill Clinton started the Iftar dinner tradition and George W. Bush continued it.)

bo iftar

If you failed to tune in, “no worries,” as kids and Progressives like to say. You didn’t miss anything.

Besides, there were plenty of people there to cover the evening’s events.

val Jar iftar iphone

And like I said, you really didn’t miss anything. It’s sort of like missing the final game of the World Cup: you won’t even notice and now you can get back to worrying about real stuff. Like global warming.


womens soccer in muslimvilleIf we don’t stop global warming, it will be too hot for Muslim women to participate in their soccer approved burkas.

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