Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Harsh Words and a Little Presidential Stompy Foot

Hoo-wee! This is shaping up to be a very long, hard week. We started with F. Chuck on Meet the Press:

stuff a cigar in itCare to enjoy one of those special Oval Office cigars? Sure Chief! Don’t mind if I do…

And tonight, the handlers have decided that Barry will finally Face the Nation and present something that will have to pass for a thought on the existential threat presented by ISIS. Don’t expect anything too definitive, like condemnation of the Evil Empire, butt I understand there will be harsh words followed by some presidential stompy foot.

bo mad godfather poseYou have displeased me. Harsh letter to follow.

And you can tell the poll numbers on this issue are huge, as we’re doing the Read during prime time:

WASHINGTON — President Obama will address the nation at 9 p.m. on Wednesday about how the United States plans to confront the threat from the Sunni extremist group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. [note: BHO likes to call it “ISIL” to divert your eyes from his failed strategery in Syria.]

In the speech, Mr. Obama will lay out a strategy for “degrading and ultimately destroying the terrorist group,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said in a statement. [note: since the JV team has been promoted to full Varsity, our plan for treating ISIS/L as a “managable problem” has veered off course into far more sinister straits.]

The decision to schedule the address during prime time, from the state floor of the White House, underscores the gravity of the challenge from ISIS. [note: See! I told you that they couldn’t run around slashing off heads without a public outcry, followed up by presidential indignation.]

And then the NYT groupies reporters could restrain themselves no further; they go to bat for their homey:

A year after opposition in Congress thwarted plans for missile strikes in Syria, the White House is again putting the issue of military force in the Middle East before a skeptical Congress and a war-weary public.

If it weren’t for that inconvenient, do-nothing Congress the “tide of war” would have “receded” by now, just as the Won calculated it would, and we could all go golfing.

As it is, look for the announcement of a sterile war with no boots on the ground just a bunch of drone strikes and missile launchers blowing the smithereens out of everything.

Meanwhile, Jean CarrĂ© will be in Tel Aviv, explaining why Israel can’t launch missiles and send drones into the Gaza strip.

one step over the lineSee that red line? Watch me straddle it like a pro!

So hang in there, troops. After all, it is hump day and I promise: Little Mo and I will be hosting a gathering in the MOTUS Twilight Nocturne Lounge on Friday evening. Be sure to drop by to wash off all of this week’s accumulated slime with a libation of your choice…be that a Shirley (or Sherman)Temple or a martini.

I have to run now, I’m responsible for making sure the carpet on the state floor is vacuumed, the woodwork dusted and everything is in it’s proper place for the Big Read tonight. Maybe if you watch you’ll catch a glimpse of me, reflecting Barry, gazing out at you, gazing back at him.

obamamirrorsend_thumb[2]“I love you, bro!” “Yeah, I love you back!”

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