Monday, November 24, 2014

“New Car Smell” or “Smells BeGone”– Cast Your Vote(s)

Well, he always did strike me as more “used car salesman” than President, so who could be surprised by Big Guy’s assessment of the 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate field,  where, at the  1:30 mark, he observes that the American people are ready for “that new car smell”

If you ask me, I think what voters really want is a complete air exchange - to get rid of the current stink.

smells begone

Who did Big Guy endorse as having lower mileage than himself? Hillz? JoeyB? Butt who am I to evaluate the mileage and smells of the 2016 Neo-Communist Democratic field? I’m not a big brained, Ivy League Economist, Constitutional Law Professor, or even an International Fashion Icon and Busy Mom (h/t Cripes Suzette). So, maybe I should just ask you:



Barack Obama Lie Lying Deception Dreamworks Schrek Nose Rub Mouth Cover 2 Nonverbal Communication Expert Body Language Expert Speaker Keynote Las Vegas Los Angeles Orlando New York City“There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity!” – Big Daddy, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

PS: George Stephanopoulos also asked Big Guy to explain why executive “prosecutorial discretion” was okay for him, butt not for any future president. For the record, he didn’t really have an answer, butt since none of the other MSM alphabets are covering this embarrassing situation, I probably shouldn’t either.

H/T Weaselzippers

Good grief! Now they’re “mowing lawns and emptying bed pans”!?

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