Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mele Kalikimaka 2014

Screenshot Studio capture #2375The Won with Wee Won One, with friends and their Secret Service Army, on the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail; Taking the Road Less Traveled
And so we leave the year behind - by and large unexamined - to kick back and enjoy the Winter Holiday season Hawaiian style. Don’t think that the Wons don’t realize how many things they have to be grateful for this year:
  • High fives all around for the falling gas prices that we get credit for despite having done everything in our power to prevent.
  • Corks popping to celebrate the historic record number of (real) Americans no longer in the work force and therefore able to follow their bliss. And likewise we’ll celebrate the record number of soon-to-be (new) Americans arriving from south of the border to do the jobs that (real) Americans are no longer able to do because they’ve been set free to follow their bliss. 
  • We’re also grateful that the Obamacare website didn’t crash again during this year’s enrollment, even if it was because so few people can afford to enroll due to the high cost of the plans and/or because they’ve been freed to follow their bliss.
  • And we’re most especially thankful to the media for holding all the phony scandals at bay for another year and for helping us maintain the charade that the republican midterm win wasn’t real in any meaningful way.
  • Oh, and we also want to thank the media for ensuring that “social justice,” whatever that is,  and race are once again the focal point of the “national conversation.”

Now, as has been my tradition for 6 long years, I have prepared a Christmas Winter Holiday greeting card for you from the Won’s in Hawaii. I have been sending it out each Christmas Eve since it was originally posted in 2009 to commemorate our first, historic, Presidential vacation on the alleged island of Barry’s birth. As the legend goes however, nobody – to this very day - knows exactly where our American messiah was really born.

As you’ll see, despite the rainy weather this year I still managed to squeeze in a little surf time before catching my flight out (commercial) this afternoon to celebrate Christmas with my family in flyover. 

So as we say in Hawaii: Mele Kalikimaka!

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