Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coming Soon: Free Internet!

As Yael Abergel pointed out to us yesterday, Lady M enjoyed dinner with friends at Rose’s Luxury Restaurant – where according to the owner they ordered “pretty much the whole menu.”  So just to clarify: “#Gimme5” technically means “gimme 5 of everything!

And amazingly, people are still talking about the incredible acting skills that MO and BO displayed in the Lets Move! video. What, they just noticed?

gimmee5“Lucy, I’m home!”

Apparently this theme has legs, although thankfully we didn’t see them:

c95ea36a0ef1a7dba4e23c3ffad4bec5Get your Diane von Furstenberg Gracie mini striped wrap dress for only $500

And since the Lucy and Desi pilot went so well I understand we are planning a whole comedy series in which MO and BO will explain other important schtuff to our low-fo voters. Next up will be our take on why the “monumental bare-faced power grab for control of the Internet” is good for you. Like ObamaKare, I understand it will be written and performed as a fairy tale:


Butt Jonathan Gruber’s cameo has been cut.

Here’s a peak at the story board:

“So here is prince Barack, at the tech city gates, demanding the keys. Not that he will know what to do with it after obtaining them.  But possession of the bauble is in the first instance enough.”

You should read the whole thing. It’s a morality play.

obamacare security problems

“Regulation is an absorbing state  like the Hotel California.  You can try to check out any time you like, but once inside you can never really leave.  Three hundred pages of regulation will become 301 … 302 … A new administration might slow down the rate of growth, but it can never reverse it.”

obamacare7 feet high, and growing

Oh, you want to know the moral? Spoiler Alert! It’s the same as ObamaKare: it’s free, butt you still can’t afford it.


Because there really isn’t any such thing as a free lunch. Or if there is, it’s not going to be anything you want to eat.


Right Lady M?

260258D600000578-2965497-Mrs_Obama_has_helped_make_school_lunches_healthier_in_the_past_f-a-2_1424714244726Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!

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