Thursday, February 5, 2015

Everybody Lies About War Stories

am sniperWell, not EVERYbody

What is it about Leftists who, despite their professed distaste for war, keep injecting themselves into the middle of all the “kinetic military action?” First Hillary, “misspoke” about being fired on by snipers in Bosnia (she wasn’t) then Senator Richard Blumenthal misspoke”about his service in Vietnam (he was never there), and now Brian Williams’' retracts claims of being in a helicopter that took RPG fire confessing he made a mistake in recalling the events” and that he was actually on an aircraft behind the one that was fired upon (an hour “behind”).

As unlikely as it is that people could misremember being in the middle of a firefight (or in Blumenthal’s case, an entire war) we are asked to believe that these two pols and one journalist all share the same memory flaw that led to an in incorrect recollection of being a target of enemy fire. I suppose it could even lead you to misremember being in basic training, Army Ranger School and 3 tours of combat: (warning: nsfw)

Okay, I’ll play along; I do believe they all share the same mental tic: it’s called “lying.” My larger concern: if they’ll lie to us about that, what else might they lie to us about?

lieFriedrich Nietzsche

In other news: our new Secretary of Defense testified to Congress yesterday that what we all feared was in fact the truth: we don’t really have a strategy for fighting ISIS.


And I see Jeb Bush unofficially kicked off his presidential campaign at the Detroit Economic Club yesterday, where he backed off a bit on some of his previous suggestions regarding our “immigration problem.” For instance, he didn’t mention one of his previous ideas – that Detroit use immigration to "repopulate" the city. I’m guessing that’s because somebody advised him that Detroit, or at least neighboring Dearborn, has already been “repopulated” with immigrants:

FrontThe Islamic Center of America, largest mosque in the country, in Dearborn, Michigan

And they’re doing quite nicely there, thank you very much.

So allow me to wrap up this “great world thinkers” post by saying that we just need to be more accepting of diversity when it comes to this lying thing, because lying isn’t the same in all cultures.


So please try to keep that in mind the next time you’re inclined to criticize Big Guy, or any of his little people, for being less than completely honest with the American people. He’s just practicing tolerance.


How Islamic “tolerance” works:

taqiyya and kitman

P.S. Don’t miss the next exciting episode of “War Stories, With Brian Williams”

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